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Default Kid Logic...

here are to incidents where i think kid logic is funny...

Was taking care of my friends kids one afternoon because she got called into work and could not get a baby sitter so their mom had brought them some food and snacks just to make things easy on me. i asked the 5 year old what he wanted for dinner. he said he didn't know. i said how about a lunchable? he said "You can't have a Lunchable for dinner! it's a LUNCHABLE!" this coming from the same child that, if you let him, would have cereal for dinner 5 times a week.

another time we were out at lunch and he would not eat his burgers ( he had the little kid Sliders) because there was a playground outside and he wanted to play (again, he is five) so i told him that if he ate all his burgers it would make him heavier and he would go down the slide faster. he started eating and i forgot all about it. so after everyone was done we went outside and he was sliding down the slide and told me "Did you see how fast i was going? that is because i ate ALL my burgers!" i had to try really hard not to laugh in his face because he truly believed that. and because i no know how to get him to finish a meal if there is a playground outside.
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Kids will believe anything, provided you tell them the right thing lol. I remember minding my nephews and nieces when they were young and at times it was a bit of of nightmare. An uncles job isn't always an easy job lol.
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