Car Conversations: Darcie
1.08GB File 15:09Mins   10,0000kb/sec WMV and .mp4
I finally was able to use the GoPro for a Car Conversation video. I was absolutely thrilled when I got the whole system set up. There were a few hurdles with the GoPro that I had to deal with the night and morning before the shoot. I talk about that during the video. After picking up some coffee I head to the airport, where I pick up the beautiful Darcie Dolce. We discuss her entry into porn, who she's shot with, her new websites (one is a b/g site that she is creating with her husband), and other random topics.

Raw in Cam 2
1.08GB File 15:09Mins   10,0000kb/sec WMV and .mp4
My second cam show with Mitt (though I'm actually not exactly sure what order it is out of the three that we did...I'm just adding it as the second update in the "Raw in Cam" series. This one was a bit weird though. There is no pop shot since I started my monthly during the show. Fortunately Mitt caught that and it wasn't seen during the cam show or on the camera that James was using. Honestly we probably could have done a vaginal creampie instead of ending the show early but either way I think it worked out in the end. A .wmv and .mp4 version of the full, completely unedited cam show (including chatting with the viewers) can be found here.
Raw in Cam 3
1.33GB File 23:09Mins   8,000kb/sec WMV and .mp4
This is the last of the Raw in Cam series with Mitt. Unfortunately due his insane schedule with the other companies he works for, he couldn't continue camming with me. I did have a blast with him during our short business "venture" together, and am also very happy that I was able to get some awesome content from our cam shows. Make sure to take a look at the funny shirt he wears during the talking portion of the full version. Just like the other Raw in Cam videos, there is a .wmv and .mp4  version of the full, completely unedited cam show.
Intro to My Shoot 4
836MB File 11:26Mins   10,0000kb/sec WMV and .mp4
This was my first shoot at the new FTV house. Lia lives in this house, so it was nice getting to see her again. She did an awesome job decorating (and even brought home a new piece of furniture for future FTV shoots, while we were doing the photograph portion of a scene). You've seen this type of behind the scenes video before. You get to see all the various outfits, shoes, and toys that I bring. I always try to remember to bring more than what I think I will need...especially when I'm shooting somewhere new (since I don't know the style of the home or where in the home we will be shooting).

Intro to My Shoot 2
766MB File 10:29Mins   10,0000kb/sec WMV and .mp4
I enjoy doing these "Intro to My Shoot" candid videos. If there is something you would like to see me do during these videos please tell me. During this candid video I pull out the various outfits that I packed for the days shoot. Most of the time I don't shoot in all the outfits I pack but I still like to have extra outfits in case I'm not feeling a certain outfit at the time of the shoot. I always end up bringing way too many shoes with me...but a girl has to have choices. Sometimes I'll pack a pair of shoes that I think will go with a certain outfit just to realize that they don't work with the outfit after I put them on. Occasionally some of the accessories don't work with the outfit either (which happened in the case of the neon green and white panty, bra, and top outfit).
Raw in Cam 1
1.08GB File 15:09Mins   10,0000kb/sec WMV and .mp4
I've recently started doing cam shows again on Chaturbate. Initially I was only doing solo shows and then a couple weeks after added boy/girl cam shows with Mitt Maverick to the schedule. Mitt is a local guy that works with the Aziani crew. James and I met him at an adult industry meet up and we all immediately hit it off. This scene is our third cam show together. It's been heavily edited so that it is mainly sex and doesn't include the banter between people that were watching the live show and us. Because this video was shot during a cam show there are many times that you will notice Mitt or I staring off at something to the side (the webcam and/or laptop). James did the shooting with my little video camera. For the second time doing a simultaneous cam show and video shoot I don't think it turned out that bad. A .wmv version of the full, completely unedited cam show (including chatting with the viewers) can be found here. It's a huge file so be aware that it may take some time to download.
Intro to My Shoot 3
433MB File 5:56Mins   10,0000kb/sec WMV and .mp4
I never know what outfit I'm going to shoot in until I get to the shoot location. After I put my wardrobe suitcase in the bathroom we usually walk around the home and scope out the home to find different areas that will look nice on camera. Out of all the outfits I brought during this shoot I chose this black dress covered in glitter since I felt like it would look best in the first area we would shoot in. If I had known that the glitter would get everywhere I would have left that dress until the last scene of the day.

Intro to My Shoot
437MB File 5:59Mins   10,0000kb/sec WMV and .mp4
Mr. Rascal Dog shot this scene. FTV Rob had asked him to shoot something similar to an FTVGirls shoot so we knew that we had to shoot about an hour or so of video and 200-300 photos. While we did get about an hour of video (that have been split up into separate scenes similar to the FTV updates) we only got 185 photos total. I suggested that we do an intro scene similar to what FTV Rob has shot. I enter the model's bathroom with my huge suitcase and unpack my toys and the miscellaneous clothing that I planned on shooting in. You can definitely see how well prepared I am.
Snapgirlz Medley
835MB File 11:51Mins   10,0000kb/sec WMV and .mp4
Here is a mix of 16 different clips that were posted in my Mewe/Snapgirlz chat group last year. You get to watch me do a little strip tease, play with my boobs and nipples, spread my butt so you can see me butthole, masturbate with my hands and with my Hitachi, vibrate on the vibration machine in my former gym, drive around singing, talk about the rain, show off sex toys I bought and more. I also added a clip my friend Madison took of me giving one of our friends a sloppy blow job with plenty of deep throating. Unfortunately that clip is fairly low quality compared to the rest.
Car Conversation: Stallion
1.95GB File 27:17Mins   10,0000kb/sec WMV and .mp4
The night before the boy/girl shoot with Stallion I decided to fiddle around with the Go Pro that Anoree sent me. I figured that I could use it during a Car Conversation video. Little did I know that in order to get good quality sound you have to attach a small microphone to the camera. It's a good thing that I found that out the night before though because otherwise this video probably wouldn't be usable. I ended up resorting to another car camera that I've used in previous solo car conversation videos. Unfortunately the camera isn't as steady as when using the Go Pro and the sound is a bit dim. Other than those issues I don't think the video turned out all that bad. It's a bit hard to hear Stallion. He is very English in that he is fairly soft spoken.

Car Conversation: Johnny J
1.3GB File 18:27Mins   10,0000kb/sec WMV and .mp4
Another gentleman from (my favorite adult talent agency to work with). I have had my eye on Johnny Jardin for a while now and decided to do another IR update with him for my last update of the year. We chat about how a b/g shoot for my site goes, smoking weed (which I do not do), my e-cig and other random topics. The video was somehow corrupted at some point but fortunately my photographer was able to fix it. Unfortunately the audio is a bit off a certain points (it doesn't match to the video) but it is still watchable.
Behind the Scenes: Cupid Deluxe
1.2GB File 16:52Mins   10,0000kb/sec WMV and .mp4
This scene is from a photoshoot shot by two new photographers who are training to take over FTV Rob's job (shooting for FTVGirls). Rob always offers me to be the guinea pig for new trainees which I'm more than happy to be. I haven't shot a "behind the scenes" scene in a fairly long time now and was incredibly impressed with how the video turned out. I love how the videographer got different angles and how smoothly the video content was shot.
Behind the Scenes: Smirking Missus
576MB File 7:53Mins   10,0000kb/sec WMV and .mp4
I enjoy having behind the scenes videos shot of the photoshoots. I feel as if my dorky, eccentric personality can really shine in BTS videos since I'm more focused on how I'm posing than what I'm saying. You might notice that in between photos I talk about random topics (something that I feel like I don't do too often in professional videos). You get to see the fun facial expressions I "try on" so that each photo looks a bit different than the last. And sometimes I'll say something really amusing...well at least amusing to me.

Conversation: Tommy
2.62GB File 36:45Mins   10,0000kb/sec WMV and .mp4
I recently moved from Sherman Oaks to Echo Park in California. I'm loving my new roommates! One is a nurse (I rarely see her as she lives in the downstairs portion of the house). The other two is Princess Donna (a director) and Tommy Pistol. Tommy was originally the one who brought up the idea of me moving into Princess D's place (he heard me complaining about my crazy roommate). This video is more "relaxed" than the other conversation videos I've done with other male talent. Tommy is an incredibly entertaining guy and I think it really comes off on camera. I didn't do a lot of editing in this see me move the camera around a few times...but I think it turned out really authentic and cute.
Anal Preparation
3GB File 42:05Mins   10,0000kb/sec WMV and .mp4
This was one of the updates that I was worried about the reception I would receive from it. I've had quite a few fans ask me to shoot a video showing how I prepare for an anal scene. It's quite the process so the video is longer than normal. There is about 14 minutes or so of enema footage. Don't worry about seeing anything "dirty"...I made sure not to include anything like that in the video. If you want to skip over the enema part of then go to the 10:30 minute mark. I chat about the anal preparation process, what I personally go through and show off the toys that I plan on using during an update. That goes on for about 12 minutes and then it skips to the next day when I go through another enema. The masturbation and anal stretching part of the video starts at the 27 minute mark.
Car Conversation: Ezra
358MB File 8:08Mins   6,0000kb/sec WMV and .mp4
I was planning on doing a car conversation video with Ezra but completely forgot to ask my photographer to bring his Go Pro with him (he's used his Go Pro for the other car conversation videos). I then remembered that I had my own (thanks to Anoree)...but realized that it hadn't been charged and that I didn't have the dashboard attachment. We ended up using my photographer's phone (phones nowadays take video that is just as good as many cameras). Unfortunately since I had to drive the car my photographer only ended up getting the back of Ezra and my head. It's not a huge deal though you do miss any of many numerous facial expressions I end up making in every video.

Coming Home from LA Car Convo Pt. 1
4.37GB File  1:01:02Mins   10000kb/sec WMV and .mp4
This video was by far the most difficult video to edit. The problem with driving and shooting video (by yourself) is that you can't stop the video to erase parts of it (though really you could but I would've been constantly pulling over to do so). I tried setting up the camera in different angles. The whole first talking part of the video was almost deleted due to how shaky the camera was. Fortunately I found an option on the editing program I use that helps stabilize the video. I didn't watch the full video so if it seems off at all blame my lazy butt for not watching the processed video before uploading it.
Coming Home from LA Car Convo Pt. 2
628MB File 8:35Mins   10,0000kb/sec WMV and .mp4
You get to see me masturbate in my car and play with my boobies in this candid video. I think that makes up for the fact that I completely screwed up the editing on this video. This will probably be the last self car convo videos I do for quite a while. The problem with these videos is that every time you stop and start the record button on the video camera a new video is created (rather than one long continuous video being created). Going through all of those videos and figuring out what to use, what to edit and what to throw away is time consuming to say the least. I've also been making mistake after mistake while editing this (like adding a video segment from the very first LA Car Convo video to this video). This part is also significantly shorter than the first part due to the fact that I lost two video segments (one was a 30 minute sing-a-long that really could've been embarrassing and another was the segment from the first LA car convo video). Not to mention the fact that I've processed the video multiple times forgetting to put the watermark on (one time I did put the watermark on....for seven seconds). Bad luck video hahahhahaha.
Massaging Myself
592MB File 10:03Mins   8,0000kb/sec WMV and .mp4
This video was shot back in October 2012. I had originally shot it as a clip for my planned Clips4Sale studio but never got around to setting up the studio. Just recently I decided that rather than putting it up on C4S I would put it up on my website. The other clips I shot are more fetish (watersports, teeth brushing, etc.) but this video is something that you would see on my website. I don't think I've shot a breast/butt massage video in quite a while so I figured it would be a good idea to add it as a candid update. This was a two video scene but rather than having two shorter scenes I figured one longer (if you can consider 10 minutes a long scene) video would be more appealing. I do a butt and breast massage in this video...licking my nipples and smacking my butt as well.

Car Conversations: Johnny
2.87GB File  40:29Mins   10000kb/sec WMV and .mp4
JohnnyCastleFan (Johnny Castle's number 1 fan) came up to me during the eXXXotica Chicago 2013 expo to tell me how excited she was to watch all of Johnny C's videos on my site. She was especially excited to watch this video since there aren't very many videos of Johnny like this out on the web. The "Car Conversation" series is fun for me to do since not only it gives me a chance to bond with my male talent before we shoot but it also gives my fans a look at what the male talent is like. I don't feel like male talent gets the spotlight shone on them enough so I'm hoping that they enjoy having this time to really let the fans know who they are. I really tried to get Johnny to talk as much as possible. He seems like a quiet individual though.
LA Car Conversations Pt. 1
3.58GB File  1:23:19Mins   6,0000kb/sec WMV and .mp4
I came up with the idea for this video while I was making the long 5 1/2 hour drive to LA back in June. You can kind of imagine yourself as my "co-pilot" driving out to LA with me. I pretty much blather on the whole ride. I was under the influence of caffeine and sugar so I was pretty hyped up (though I find it amusing). I did get quite frustrated when uploading the video to my computer to be edited. Somehow I turned the audio off so some of the video wasn't usable. I think I was mostly frustrated by the fact that I had created a road video log to use as my video journal update at the end of the month which again turned out to not be usable because of having no audio. This is probably my longest video to date. I had to split it into two parts because of how long it was.
LA Car Conversations Pt. 2
3.8GB File  1:28:32Mins   6,0000kb/sec WMV and .mp4
This is the second part of the car video I did while driving to LA in June. If I had not accidently turned off the audio you would've been able to hear me sing one of my current favorite songs (though maybe it's a good thing that the video turned out to be unusable....not sure if I really want you guys to be subjected to my magickal voice haha). This video is a bit longer than the first part. I'm not even sure what I was jabbering on about in this video.

Wish Upon a Fist
138MB File  3:06Mins   6000kb/sec WMV
I don't even remember the last time I made a video this short. Heck even most of my recent video logs are longer than this video lol. It did feel longer when I actually shot it. I had a fan ask me to add more roleplay into my scenes. I figured that my solo scenes would be a perfect place to play around with roleplaying. For this scene I figured it would be cute if I had a magic locket (that a member sent me) that would grant me one wish. For my one wish I ask to get fisted. I end up getting fisted by myself with a rubber (I think it's made out of rubber) fist. It's a lot bigger than the fists I've taken before. It's almost exactly the size of my hand. I've never been able to fist myself I think mainly because I'm not flexible enough to get into a fisting position but also because my hands are quite large compared to most women (especially the women in this business). I had a tough time getting it completely in me. It doesn't help that I was quite shaky from not eating enough before the shoot.
Car Conversations: Xander
1.29GB File  29:50Mins   6000kb/sec WMV and .mp4
I thought it would be fun to do a video in the car with the male talent. This video series will be called "Car Conversations". None of the videos will involve sex....the videos are going to be a look into what a shoot day is like for me. I am also adding a .mp4 option for the candid videos from now on. Xander is the first male talent I hired out of LA. Xander does most of the talking in this video. We discuss zombies, blacksmithing and Xander getting drugged at Xbiz 2013. I think it will be one of the longer "Car Conversation" videos because the shoot location was a bit further out than where we normally shoot. You can probably tell that I am nervous around Xander (I'm pretty sure I state that in the video...I know I did at some point when I was with him). BTW I play with my hair all the time. I don't think it's a nervous habit. I have a lot of energy and tend to fidget a lot by playing with my hair or with my nails.
Car Conversations: Richie
1.26GB File  10:34Mins   10,0000kb/sec WMV and .mp4
It seemed a little more difficult to talk to Richie compared to talking to Xander. For me it's a bit weird meeting someone that you've specifically hired to have sex with you on camera. Fortunately because of the way I set up the shoot schedule (the b/g scenes are generally shot on a different day than the solo scenes) I have plenty of time to talk with the male talent and get to know them a bit. Typing is really difficult right now with these crazy claw like nails I have on so I'm going to make this a short description. I would like to know any opinions and comments on the Car Conversations series. Do you enjoy it? Is it boring? Any suggestions to make it more interesting?

Hello Mr. Rabbit
647MB File  10:59Mins   8000kb/sec WMV
Overall I am happy with how this scene turned out. I think it's kind of goofy and definitely sexy. This scene was supposed to be shot on the 14th of April but I had to cancel it due to the weather (one of the two days it rained in Phoenix was the day we were supposed to shoot this...go figure). The rescheduled shoot day comes up and I have to cancel with my photographer again because James doesn't want to shoot in public in a Easter bunny costume. I can understand the fear of getting caught shooting porn in's tremendously scary sometimes, especially for someone who is brand new the industry. I tried explaining to him (well first I just got mad and yelled at him...but calmed down later) that in all the years I've been shooting (four years now) and all the year FTVGirls Rob has been shooting (I think he's been doing the website for ten years now) neither one us has been in trouble (with the police) for shooting in public. I compromised with him and we ended up shooting the scene in my home.
New Zealand - 2012
908MB File  22:36Mins   6000kb/sec WMV
I feel like I've been traveling a lot in the past two months now (well actually this year). Fortunately the places I've been able to visit have been incredible (mainly St Lucia and New Zealand). New Zealand was by far one of the most breathtakingly gorgeous places I have ever visited. Going from the desert to a lush, green "island" was such a treat for me...especially right in the middle of summer time (well for me). It was quite odd going from 115 degree weather to 50-60 degree weather. I didn't pack any of the right clothing thinking that the winter there would be similar to the winter here. Normally here in AZ I would wear some shorts and a t-shirt. That was not the right type of clothing to be wearing in NZ at this current time in the year. Thankfully I did bring a few pairs of long pants (and did go out and buy a jacket and some jeans). It felt like the majority of the time we were there was spent driving around. You really don't realize how big NZ is from just looking at a map. It also doesn't help that the speed limit tops out at 100kph/62mph.
Sailor Moon XXX
576MB File  13:08Mins   6000kb/sec WMV
Sometimes scenes don't go as well as I imagine that will. This is one of those scenes. The first Sailor Moon costume I bought ended up being way too small for me. The second costume fit as well as it could. I feel like because of my long torso and large breasts the body suit didn't fit as well as it could have. The gloves were far too small and didn't go up past the elbows like they should've. The wig didn't fit at all which really bummed me out since I had bought the hair pieces (odango and feather barrettes) to attach on it. The forehead tiara had a gem on it that fell off right before the shoot. I think the skirt should've been a bit lower on my hips but it was on the smaller side so was more up around my waist. All complaining aside I think that the costume was pretty cute. I was going to donate it but now that I really think about it I think it would be a great costume to keep for anytime I need a costume like that. BTW this is a video of the photo shoot. I could not for the life of me figure out what to do for an actual shoot with this costume.

Behind the Scenes: FTVGirls Maddie's Shoot
682MB File  15:20Mins   6000kb/sec WMV
It's been a pretty long time since I've put up a video of me with another girl. I'm very glad that I got to assist Maddie's shoot. I think you guys will really like her ('cause I know I did). She was super, super cute with amazing red hair and a super bubbly personality. She had the cutest dimples too. I'm not sure when her FTVGirls shoot will be going up...hopefully soon here. I guess you can kind of think of this as a sneak peek. I wasn't supposed to assist her shoot but FTVRob kind of roped me into it while I was over at the big house shooting content for my site. It definitely makes for good content though. We play around a bit (there is video of some of the photoshoot)...we make out, she sucks on my nipples...pretty typical stuff for my site. I even watch her finger herself and try to talk her into doing a full fisting.
Pretty Bubbles in the Park
254MB File  5:43Mins   6000kb/sec WMV
I was a bit disappointed in this shoot after it was completely done. I guess I always have this vision of how a shoot is going to turn out yet generally it doesn't turn out how I would like it too. To be honest though it was way to hot to be shooting outside so we really rushed through this scene. I found the when I was shopping and me being the perv I am thought it would be absolutely perfect to stuff inside me. It was surprisingly difficult to get really nice looking bubbles to come out of the wand (though I haven't really played with bubbles in a very long time). It still makes for a cute summer shoot.
867MB File  19:30Mins   6000kb/sec WMV
This is the candid hardcore video that I was telling you guys I wanted to do (in my commentary for the First Time Anal video). What I wanted to do was have three video cameras set up (one in front of us, one to the side of us, and my Flip taped to the ceiling). It didn't exactly work out the way I planned. I didn't get the third camera so I was only able to put a camera on the ceiling and to the side of the bed. I couldn't use the majority of the footage I got from the Flip camera because it was too "tight" and didn't capture what I wanted it to. I thought it would capture my face and upper body but apparently we didn't position it right because it was only focused on my upper body and only when I was in a certain place. The Flip is true HD so I was having issues editing it on my computer. Other than all the technical difficulties I think this update turned out pretty well. I was really able to focus on the sex and how it felt and I think that really shows in the video.

My Amateur BJ/HJ
567MB File  12:45Mins   6000kb/sec WMV
I was originally aiming to get only 10 minutes of video for this update but time absolutely flew by and before we knew it we had about 14 minutes of video. I wasn't too sure about what exactly I wanted to film as far as bj/hj angles and positions goes so I did some "research" before hand and watched a bunch of POV blowjob scenes. James and I weren't sure if he would be able to get off with just a blowjob so we did have to have sex before the "pop shot". We joked around about him accidently cumming during sex and not getting it on tape. I was nervous shooting this video (I figure I should get over that by my 10th or so video lol). I did get some of James' cum in my mouth but surprisingly it wasn't too bad (I normally hate the taste of cum). I figure if I can handle his cum then I will probably shoot a cum in mouth/swallow scene for the site.
Birthday Sex
855MB File  19:15Mins   6000kb/sec WMV
For my 23rd birthday I stayed in this incredibly beautiful resort (I've stayed there two times before). I figured shooting my monthly hardcore scene there would be a great shooting locations are always good...keeps things fresh. James suggested that we shoot a cream pie video this time which I immediately agreed to. I wasn't sure how it would shoot since it was going to be the very first time doing that on film. I think it turned out very well. The video is pretty funny to be honest. The bed was super squeaky as you will be able to hear through out the video especially the scenes were I am on top. What really made me laugh as I was editing this video was when I gave a thumbs up to James for the cream pie and how well it shot lol. Earlier in the day we were talking about how dirty some porn girls are. James mentioned watching some porn girl drinking cum out of a glass. The reason why I was shaking my head, laughing was because he jokingly grabbed a glass for me to "use"....which I totally won't do. There are some blurry parts in the video were James was going to fast for the video to focus. I left it in the video...not sure why.
Oh Yeah, Titty F@ck
557MB File  12:31Mins   6000kb/sec WMV
Honestly tit sex is a lot harder than it looks...especially when you are trying to shoot different angles of it. It's fun for about a minute or two but honestly I prefer penises inside of me rather than in between my boobies. If you guys haven't noticed I am shooting a different hardcore "theme" every month. So far I have a normal blowjob/sex scene, a blowjob/handjob scene ending in a facial, and a blowjob/sex scene ending in a cream pie shot. Obviously this one is a blowjob/tit sex scene ending with him cumming on my boobs. I will be doing a cum in mouth scene...probably next month. I will also be doing an anal scene at some point. What I am hoping is that we can start shooting the hardcore scenes professionally rather than doing the candid amateur style. I have to see what my photographer/videographer thinks about that. My male talent is down but he wants to wear a mask since he really doesn't want his identity known. I'm going to get him a Zorro type mask lol.

Xmas '10 Orgasm
884MB File  19:53Mins   6000kb/sec WMV
I did a little experiment with this video. I had a fan request that I film my face as I masturbate and have an orgasm. Well I tried doing that with my webcam on my laptop but it turned out really odd. A lot of it was blurry and it isn't as sharp as what I am used to. But I will still be putting it up on here for you guys to see. The main video is pretty long (almost 20 minutes). I've noticed though that my candid videos tend to be pretty long (at least the videos that I've done this year). I had originally wanted to do a professional Christmas shoot but with all the stuff I've had to deal with this month I haven't had time to do it. I had planned on doing a 50's themed shoot but some of the stuff that went with the shoot was out of stock. I bought another dress but when I got it I wasn't impressed with it at all. It's probably going to go into the back of my closet and never be worn. I did use the glass candy cane that I bought like last year. I think I might start using glass toys more. I love how it heats up when it's inside of me.
No More Strawberries
444MB File  9:58Mins   6000kb/sec WMV
Never again! I don't know why I thought it would be a good idea to stick two strawberries up inside of my vagina. I mean hello...I've already had fruit stuck in me once before and strawberries are not firm by any means. I could've made this video a professional video since technically it is a professional video but since half the video consists of me trying to take out the stubborn strawberry I stuffed inside of me...well I don't think it is all that interesting. I really don't think I will be playing with another piece of fruit again. It just never seems to go right. That's what vegetables are made for.. Actually that's what actual adult toys are made for. What's really screwed up is that I had gotten a strawberry stuck inside me before we did the video when we were shooting the pics. You would think I would learn lol.

My Amateur Hardcore
937MB File  12:03Mins   6000kb/sec WMV
My first amateur hardcore video (well at least it's the first one I've done for this website). I'm actually pretty happy with the way it turned out. There are some things that the male talent (James) and I need to work on for next time (like my hair covering my face when giving a blowjob or being on top or James arm being in the way during doggie or missionary). The chemistry between James and I is amazing. I think you can definitely see that on camera too. I plan on doing many more videos with him. I think he did a really good job being the videographer considering it was his first time filming a POV hardcore scene. I was very happy with the way the lighting turned out. I bought two new lights to make sure the room was lit up enough and thankfully it was. I am thinking about having my normal photographer/ videographer shoot the hardcore scene for us next time. It will give it a different look than what I was originally going for but I'm sure I will like the end result. I am really not sure how my photographer will react to me asking him to film me having sex....makes me pretty nervous to ask him lol.

22nd Birthday Part 2
209MB File  9:19Mins   3000kb/sec WMV
This is the second (and last) part of my 22nd birthday videos. You get to see me get ready (I'm all dolled a makeup makeover at Mac.) You also get to see me in the party bus that drove us around Vegas.

Behind the Scenes: Training Photog Video
256MB File  11:25Mins   3000kb/sec WMV
FTVRob is training a new photographer to hopefully one day take his place as the FTVGirls photographer/videographer. I always seem to be sucked into the playing the role of guinea pig (which isn't always a bad thing.) Anyways, the new photographer that he is training has assisted one or two other FTVGirls shoots. I love the fact that I got to pop his "spreads" cherry. This photographer is so green lol...I almost felt awkward. I wonder what it's like shooting spreads for the first time. I think I remember him saying that he's shot nudes before but probably not extreme stuff like what we were doing. The photographer is very cute and "not a creeper" as FTVRob likes to put it. The only thing I see that could hinder him later on is that he isn't very social (or maybe I should say talkative) and I think that being a photographer and/or videographer in this business you have to be able to socialize very easily with your models. BTW a lot of this video is of the photoshoot...pretty much me modeling and acting silly.

Toy Comparison with Renna
431MB File  19:04Mins   3049kb/sec WMV
I don't know how this video turned out to be a 3049 kbps rather than the normal 3000 kbps. Renna edited and processed it so it may just be how her video editing programs work. This was a pretty casual shoot with Renna ( She had these colorful socks she really wanted to wear in a shoot so we decided to do a little toy comparison video with all the infamous FTV toys. If you don't know about the FTV toys, they are pretty large toys that have been in many a vagina. They include the Big Pink toy (which I've used in a shoot before), the FTV monster, the Big Ten toy (which I've also used in a shoot before), the FTV toy, and the glass FTV toy. I think the last (and largest) toy is called the glass FTV monster...something I will never try to stick in me (though maybe I would if I had a kid and got all stretched out.)

Dance Video #1
427MB File  11:11Mins   6000kb/sec WMV
Honestly I'm not going to lie, the video quality of this video is pretty iffy. For some reason the camera on my computer is pretty grainy and so the video doesn't look all that spectacular. But I still had fun making this video and definitely wanted to show it to you guys.

Boob and Foot Massage
185MB File  8:15Mins   3000kb/sec WMV
I think this might be my first foot massage video (but definitely not my last.) I tried to cover as many fetishes as I possibly could in this video. Boob and foot massage, stockings, high heels, secretary look. I'm also wearing a necklace Anoree (one of my members) bought me.

22nd Birthday Part 1
260MB File  11:42Mins   3000kb/sec WMV
My 22nd birthday was a blast. Like my 21st birthday I went to Las Vegas with my friends. I stayed at the Hardrock hotel. One of the nights we had a party bus drive us around and went to Rain and Drai's nightclubs. In this video I'm packing for my trip and at the airport.

Behind the Scenes: Chess Video
172MB File  7:41Mins   3000kb/sec WMV
This was Tate (FTV's photographer/videographer in trainer) video. I think he did a really good job personally. Also this was the day that Raymond came up from Tucson to assist my shoot. He ended up rescuing me from an angry sales lady at the mall earlier.

Behind the Scenes Yellow Stockings Video
552MB File  12:25Mins   6000kb/sec WMV
Another training video...this time for some guy named Penny, or Sidney or something like that (I really can't remember at 1:00 in the morning.) I'm am a huge goofball in this video and you get to see my "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" impression (and a very bad one at that.) I do a lot of boob play in this video.

My Personal Toy Collection Part 2
253MB File  11:15Mins   3000kb/sec WMV
More of my am I starting to get a big collection. But we all have our hobbies, so this is just one of mine. I bought a whole bunch of new anal toys (though I rarely use them.) I also bought this wicked whip. I didn't realize when I bought it how big it was and how...manly it looked (definitely not what I'm used to...but it feels awesome!)

No AVN for Danielle :(
109MB File  4:51Mins   3000kb/sec WMV
I've decided that instead of trying to make friends I am going to hire some. Personally I think this is a great idea...then if I want to go to the AVN awards or Internext, I have people to go with me. Lia brings up that she wants to do a girl-girl shoot with me (which I would absolutely love to do...) but let's see if that actually goes through.

Renaissance Faire 2009
66.9MB File  8:44Mins   1000kb/sec WMV
This is like my fourth time going to the Arizona Renaissance Faire. I absolutely love this place (though I spend way too much money when I'm here.) I always get my hair braided and this is the second year that I'm dressing up...I even got FTV Rob to dress up too! They hold this awesome medieval feast called "The Pleasure Feast". It's kind of expensive but definitely worth it.

Phoenix Forum 2009
214MB File  9:32Mins   3000kb/sec WMV
My first adult convention...thankfully it was held in Phoenix so I felt a lot more at ease being there. I was pretty nervous about meeting my fellow "co-workers" but ended up meeting some really cool people. Tate Hemlock ended up shooting me there and Lia did the videography for the dodgeball tournament. Can't wait for next year's P.F.!

Halloween Party 2008
136MB File  6:04 Mins   3000kb/sec WMV
A big Halloween Party at the FTV Mansion with 100's of people, and I'm in my sexy Poison Ivy costume that  I made all by myself!  Lia joins in with her Alice in Wonderland outfit and we get pretty frisky.  I finally get to really make out with her (though I'm not sure she enjoyed it that much.)

Ice Cream Break in Hawaii
43MB File  1:00 Mins   6000kb/sec WMV
We decided to take a break to get some icecream after a hard day of shooting in Hawaii. Can't remember exactly what flavor of icecream I got...but it was good. The lady behind us was being sneaky and kept trying to take peeks at what we were doing. I wonder if she saw my boobs embarassing!

Painting My Toenails
104MB File  4:39 Mins   3000kb/sec WMV
For all you foot fetish guys, and guys who wanted to see me in my glasses is a toenail painting in my glasses just for you! You can barely see what color it is (it's a very light purple) but it still looks cute on me. Notice the red paint still in my hair (not sure when it's going to come out.)

My First Tattoo Removal Appointment
136MB File  5:38 Mins   3000kb/sec WMV
I'm excited and nervous about my appointment, where I'm finally getting my tattoos removed.  Its somewhat painful, but I'm up for it.  This was the first appointment, there will be at least 4 more (once a month) for it to be completed.

Shaving in the Bathtub
79MB File  3:30 Mins   3000kb/sec WMV
You guys have been asking for it so here it first candid shaving scene. You guys should consider yourselves lucky since you are probably the only people to ever have seen me shave...for some reason I kind of weird about shaving in front of enjoy!

My Own Personal Toy Collection
135MB File  6:00 Mins   3000kb/sec WMV
I have a very eclectic and large toy collection that I've wanted to share with you guys. I pull out everything from whips to anal toys to handcuffs. You get to see things that have been in every orifice of my body and in some of the FTV Girls too!

A Tour of My Apartment
48MB File  2:09 Mins   3000kb/sec WMV
So you guys finally get to see my home. It's not very furnished but it's all mine. I show you my lovely dining room table that never gets used, my dog Wolfie, my bedroom that has two pieces of furniture in it and my bathroom where I make myself look pretty.

Putting a Desk Together
58MB File  2:34 Mins   3000kb/sec WMV
I finally decided to get off my butt and get a desk so I could stop using my bed as a desk. I head over to a shopping store with my friend Kristy and she films me acting like a dork. We buy my desk and start setting it up at my home. BTW it didn't really take me three hours to set it only took me about an hour.

Dropping Kristy Off
52MB File  2:18 Mins   3000kb/sec WMV
I had to drop off my best friend Kristy today so I decided to make a candid video out of it. Kristy films me as I drive around complaining about other drivers and flashing the camera...which she gets really shy about. I also sing a little will notice I am quite tone deaf :)