A Mix of Sexy 2017
90 Photos
I think that you are really going to enjoy these photos. Although there aren't any true boy/girl pics found in this candid photoset, you can see photos of my face covered in cum (love my some facials!). Most of these pics were taken inside, though there are some taken in public (during my trip to NYC) and several car selfies as well. You rarely get to see me wearing panties, but I made sure to get some sexy panty upskirt pics during my latest shoot. I experimented with contouring makeup which you'll see in two of the photos (hair down, inside, wearing a black dress). Considering it was literally my first time trying contouring makeup on myself I don't think I did too shabby. You might notice a few odd butt photos (the ones with the strange dots on my butt). Those marks were the result of a BDSM play date that went a bit too far (considering drawing blood is on my "no list"). That was literally one of the only times that a "dom" drew blood. And that is now why I'm going to be very particular about who I let Dom/me me.

Fun in Fashion
63 Photos
Another "fashion" modeling show for you. You can almost imagine that you are my lover and I'm sending you pics of all the random clothing that I buy. Some of it is silly (eg the My Little Pony Rainbow Dash outfit) and some of them are very sexy. I've obviously been collecting these photos for a while (or just forgot to use them in a past candid photo update) since some of the outfits were worn in scenes last year. I planned on wearing the black wig with my Pocahontas costume for Thanksgiving this year but found a wig that doesn't look as fake as the one seen in this set. The MLP Rainbow Dash costume will be worn in an upcoming scene (I'll probably shoot it within the next couple of months). Weirdly enough there are quite a few markings from BDSM sessions in some of these pics. You will have to keep an eye out and see what I'm talking about.

Candid Queen 2016
57 Photos
A plethora of pretty pictures for your personal viewing pleasure. I love me some alliteration! I'm clearly in a very silly mood while I am editing this photoset. I must say (or rather write) that this photoset brought up some fun memories for me. A couple of them are from a Labor Day party that Greg Lansky (a photographer I had shot with) hosted back in 2013. I got to meet the beautiful Celeste Star (some of you may know that she has been on my "To Do" list for years now) and the famous Nikki Benz during the party. Several of the photos are the results of a couple BDSM play scenes (in my "personal" life). You'll see pictures of me in England and Scotland, pictures of me in Las Vegas (went there with my best friend for her birthday celebration and another girlfriend's bachelorette party), and pictures of me in California (with my nephew, Hailey, and her children).

Phoenix and CA Fun 2016
57 Photos
Crazy colorful! My hair and some of the costumes seen in this candid photoset are quite colorful. I was bored with the hair color I previously rocked so decided to go a bit crazy and had a peek-a-boo hair dye job done (blonde on the top and crazy colors underneath). I was going for galaxy hair (blue, purple, and some pink) but the blue blended into the other colors so they didn't show up as well as I was hoping they would. You'll notice pictures from my various shoots that took place in 2016. Some of the photos were taken at Knottsberry Farm in CA. I took my nephew there for his birthday present. Originally we had planned on going to Legoland, but on the morning that we were planning on leaving little dude decided that he wanted to go to Knottsberry Farm (I think mainly because Hailey and her two little dudes were planning on going there). A few of the pictures were taken when my grandmother visited my family. For her birthday present she received tickets to the musical Beautiful. Since I was her date I decided to go all out. I picked her up in my just cleaned car and took her to a fancy dinner before the show.  The other photo of us was from a volunteer day that Hailey also attended.

Sexily Silly
56 Photos
There aren't many photos that I take of myself that I don't end up posting. It doesn't matter how silly I look in a photo I will most likely end up putting it on the web. I figure that my fans get a look into who I am when I'm not trying to look all sexy. Take the face masque photo from this set as an example. I'm wearing an oversized Hello Kitty headband and a splotchy green face masque. It's probably one of the least sexiest photos I've posted online...and yet I will post it online because I want people to see who I am in my day to day life. Don't get me wrong...there are plenty of nudie pics in this set but you also get to see me reading my school books, showing off my developing muscles and hanging out with my fur babies. I also posted a few photos of photo booth pics (a picture of a picture) that Hailey and I took while in Chicago.

Shoot Fashion Show
91 Photos
o many sexy photos! Master James, Hailey aka Bianca and Kurt Lockwood all make an appearance in this candid photoset. This set is a about a year's worth of photos from most of my shoots. I try to remember to snap some pics in the different outfits I wear during the shoots. It gives you a bit of a behind the scenes feel to it. The Wonder Woman outfit wasn't something that I have shot in yet. I think that I had planned on shooting outside in the backyard but ended up changing into a different outfit because I didn't feel as though the outfit worked with the backyard. At some point I will shoot in that costume. I have it all packed up (along with my My Little Pony Rainbow Dash inspired costume) just waiting for the right location (an outside location would be ideal).  

Candid Cam Girlfriend
68 Photos
I really messed up when I edited this photo set (I completely forgot to add the watermark to the photos). I feel like even if I do add the watermark it won't keep people from stealing my photos and using them for scam purposes. Oh well...I will just have to remember to add watermarks to my future photo sets. These photos were taken over the course of a year (or almost a year I think). It's mainly just me being a goofball, taking nudie pics in the bathtub and in bed, and posing with my fur babies. A couple of the photos are from my mother's friend's bachelorette party at this gay country bar. That was a fun night of waayyy too many alcoholic beverages and finding a new lady friend that I ended up hooking up with a couple times afterwards. Several of the photos are from a trip to Las Vegas for another bachelorette party weekend and my bestie's birthday celebration. Most of the photos from that trip will be in an upcoming candid photo set.

Gym Gear Fashion Show
82 Photos
I went a bit crazy recently and bought a ridiculous amount of workout gear. I figured that with new workout clothes I would be even more motivated to hit the gym. All of these are Disney princess inspired outfits. I bought 11 pairs of shoes, around 12 sports bras, around 24 tops and around 27 bottoms. I also bought random headbands to match with the outfits (that match with the Princess' hair color, outfit color or their crown color). I'm not even sure how many new pairs of socks I bought. To top off the outfit I bought various earrings (red apple earrings for Snow White, bow and arrow earrings for Merida from Brave, gold triangle earrings for Jasmine, rose earrings for Aurora from Sleeping Beauty and Belle from Beauty and the Beast). Some of the clothing items I bought didn't fit whatsoever so I set those aside to give to a friend. One of the shirts I bought was a completely different color than advertised but is very cute so will be worn at some point. So far I've worn an Aurora/Sleeping Beauty inspired workout outfit, a Merida/Brave outfit, a Rapunzel outfit, an Ariel outfit and a Tiana/Princess and the Frog outfit. My best friends get a kick out of the outfits. I send them photos of what I'm wearing before I head to the gym and have received some hilarious responses back. Hailey joked and told me that she was going to buy me workout shirts that show the various princess's so that people know who the outfit is inspired by.

Fun Across the Country
98 Photos
A vast amount of photos from Arizona, New Hampshire, New Mexico and Chicago. I'm fairly sure that these span the year of 2015 and possibly 2016. Some of these were photos that I had put on my Snapgirlz/Mewe member's group page but after finding out that Snapgirlz was closing down last month I decided to use them on my site as well. Originally I was planning on waiting a few months before putting these photos up but unfortunately I ran out of professional photo sets so I had no choice but to use this candid photo set. As you'll see in the set I have a whole range of pics. Some sexy, some silly...just me being me. Some are taken while driving around, some were taken at the Renaissance Faire, a couple were taken while I was getting tested for my boy/girl shoots. You also see Hailey show up in several of the photos. Love Bug makes an appearance in a few as well (those were taken during Christmas with my family). For my foot fetish fans I have a few feet photos after getting a pedicure. I've also included gym pics (in the sauna, on the vibration machine, working out with the Corepump and having laser lipo).

Snap a Pic
55 Photos
Another photoset filled with photos from my Snapgirlz/Mewe group page. When Snapgirlz closed I had asked Anoree if he would be okay with me using these photos on my site (originally I was going to keep them exclusive to the Snapgirlz group). Fortunately Anoree is so laid back and was perfectly okay with me putting them up here but did recommend that I wait a couple months before I did so. Unfortunately I've had a lack of professional photosets from my shoots that I had to resort to using these photos before I had originally planned to. Fortunately I have a shoot coming up next week so will have more professional photosets and can wait a while before posting the other four candid Snapgirlz photosets. The majority of the photos in this set are nudie pics (a lot of bush pics). One of them shows the aftermath of my booty after a BDSM scene. Two of the photos were taken this month during a picnic with my girlfriends. Several of the pics are from before I went out for girl's nights (I can't for the life of me remember what we were doing those nights). The photo of me wearing a plastic shower cap in my hair is from when I was trying to naturally lighten my hair with a nasty mix of honey, cinnamon and apple cider vinegar. The recipe called for keeping the mixture on your hair for several hours but after an hour of suffering through the smell and dealing with it dripping on my face I decided to wash it out (that was an experience and headache in itself).   

Chicago and Phoenix '15 #2
44 Photos
This is one of my smaller candid photosets. I ran out of professional photosets after the "Extra Pictures #8" photoset so have had to use my candid photosets (which I only had one of before shooting these photos). The majority of the photos in this set is from my second trip to Chicago this year. This time Hailey and I brought the children (my 6 year old nephew and her two kids). We arrived on a Wednesday and left Saturday night. I was a bit surprised that my parents (who are raising my nephew) let my take my nephew out of school for a couple of days (he had that Friday off so he was only gone Wednesday and Thursday). My mom is a stickler about school attendance. Apparently last year he only missed one day of school. During this trip Hailey and I took the kids to do everything that we had done on our previous Chicago trip. We also visited the "Bean" and Crown Fountain (which my nephew and Hailey's youngest absolutely loved playing in). Hailey and I got our feet wet in the fountain as well but didn't go fully into the fountain like the kiddos did.

Fashion Show
55 Photos
I recently bought a bunch of clothing from some online store that ships from China. What's funny is that I had browsed that site months before I finally decided to purchase clothing off it but was hesitant to buy anything because of the high shipping cost. The clothes I bought were a bit of a splurge for me and most likely done late at night (when I do a lot of my spur of the moment online shopping). My mom had been bugging me about my lack of "mature" clothing (I tend to wear the same thing around her...tight yoga pants and a t-shirt, tank top or racerback shirt). Part of the purchase on the site was for tops that she would consider mature. The day the clothing finally arrived I was ecstatic and so excited to try everything on. After unwrapping everything and sorting them into color coded piles I tried on most of the clothing before becoming tired of it and wanted to do something else. I'm pretty happy with the majority of the clothing. Some of it didn't fit at all (I will be giving that clothing away), one of the dresses I've already worn for a shoot and some of the clothing I will have to wait to wear regularly until my boobs get a little smaller from my workouts.

Fun with Family & Halloween '15
68 Photos
Hailey, Cee, Cee's friend Arnee and I went to Las Vegas to celebrate Halloween this year. As usual I wanted to dress up as either a Disney princess or a fairy but Hailey and Cee nixed that idea and chose "cats" as the theme for Halloween costumes. I searched online for cute cat costume ideas and found this sexy, fetish costume but alas the costume did not come in my size. I ended up purchasing the corset top, fishnet hose, cat tail, belt, gloves and boots from Amazon and the bottoms and cat ears from Etsy (two of my favorite stores). I hired a makeup artist and hair stylist to do our hair and makeup the night of Halloween. I felt pretty darn sexy with my hair and makeup all done (especially since I rarely have hair and makeup done for me). The rest of these photos were taken in Arizona. Some were taken during the "Bringing Hailey Back Pt.1 & Pt. 2" shoot. Others were taken during the Arizona State Faire that Hailey, her boys, my nephew and I attended. A couple are from our friend Mark's birthday party. Two were taken after a BDSM play date. There are also photos from when my great grandma and grandma came into town (we went to Flagstaff, AZ, the Grand Canyon, got manis/pedis, and had afternoon tea at a local resort).

PHX, NH and NM '14 - '15
65 Photos
You would think that I could come up with some cool title for this update but weirdly enough the candid photo updates are the hardest to create. Between bothering people to send me any pics of me, gathering pics off of Facebook and/or any other social media site where my candid photos end up, sorting them into various sub folders (I sort them by horizontal/vertical, then by regular/small/large/1920/midsize/huge sized), blacking out people's faces (unless they've been on this site their face won't be shown in a candid photo), reformatting twice, renaming, photomarking, resizing for thumbnails, doing the write up (which I'm currently doing), creating the zip file, creating the coverpage and then finally uploading everything....well it always seems to involve more work than any of the other updates (though to be honest it's probably a toss up between the candid photo sets and the professional videos. Anoree put a watermarking program on my computer to help out. With everything that's been going on I haven't had time to look at it...which I should probably do soon.

NYE in NM '15
75 Photos
Last year was the first time in many, many years that I spent New Year's Eve in another state. I didn't have any plans (at this point in my life I don't party on holidays like I did in the past) so my best friend invited me out to New Mexico where she was already celebrating the holidays with her family and old friends. While I was there we spent part of the time in Espanola (where her family lives), Taos and Santa Fe (actually know that I think about it I can't remember if it was Santa Fe or Albuquerque). In Taos we went snowboarding one day and the next (deciding that we were too tired to snowboard) we did some sightseeing and shopping around the ski area and went snow tubing. I think that was the first time that I had ever done snow tubing. It was an absolute blast! I only did a couple runs down the slope though. In Santa Fe (or Albuquerque) we did quite a bit of sightseeing, visited a couple of beautiful churches and of course shopped. NYE was spent with my bestie's friends and several of her family members in our huge rental condo. It was relaxing and totally perfect.

Chicago and Phoenix '15
79 Photos
I have a lot of nude selfies in this candid photoset (which isn't unusual by any means but for whatever reason I took notice of it this time). About a fourth of the photos in this set are from my trip to Chicago in June. Hailey and I went there for five days and visited quite a few of the tourist attractions. We had such a great time there that we decided to plan another trip to Chicago in September. This time though we will be taking the kiddos (my nephew and her two children). Several of the other pics are from an event I attended (back in April I think it was) called Neo-Tribal Gathering. It was a spiritual gathering and camping event in Goodyear, AZ that took place over a weekend. I only stayed from Friday afternoon until Saturday evening because I started getting sun poisoning. In one of the photos you can see a nice sunburn over my chest. The rest of the photos (besides the nude selfies taken in my bathrooms) are from various shoots I've done over the months.

Mexico, TX and AZ '14
58 Photos
I always wonder if you guys wonder if the guys in my photos are my boyfriend. Fortunately I'm quite single and none of the guys in the photos are my boyfriend. Most of the time the guys are friends of mine. Some of the time it's my brother (you can usually tell who it is based on their pasty white "Casper" skin....it runs in the family). This is a half and half set. Half of it is me in Phoenix just randomly snapping selfies. The other half is photos from my Playa del Carmen, Mexico trip this year. Thrown in there are some photos from my trip to Texas for my family reunion.

Good Times in CA & AZ '14
59 Photos
I think one or two of these photos in this candid set were put on my Twitter. If that's the case then I apologize. I try to put all the photos that I've posted on Twitter or elsewhere online into the webcam/cell phone photo sets but sometimes they accidently slip into the member's candid sets. The majority of these photos are from 2014. I think some of them (the photos of Tommy Pistol and I) are from 2013...but I'm not quite sure about when they were taken (though I know they were taken during our trip to Temecula, CA. Several were from various photo shoots for this site. I think about half were taken in California during various trips there.

West Coast Fun 2014
71 Photos
I realized that I don't have very many candid photo pics of sexual activities that include other people. If my future love making partners agree then I will try to have more photos taken so I can put them on here. In this photo set there are three "sexy time" photos (one of a woman fisting me and two of a man and I having sex). The rest of the photos are from various times out and about in Phoenix, Groove Cruise LA, a trip to California with some of my best girl friends and my trip to Playa de Carmen, Mexico.

Pretty Fun in LA and PHX '13
80 Photos
I had some amazing times while I lived in LA (from June 2013 until January 2014). Hanging out with my friends in Big Bear (I drove three or four hours there just to hang out for a couple hours and decide I wanted to go home), flying Tommy P (my former roommate and ex boyfriend) to Phoenix for a shoot, going to Las Vegas (on a private plane) with Allie James for a joint bachelor/bachlorette party...last year was pretty wild and pretty fun.

My Life '13 - '14
89 Photos
This is a total hodge podge (I think that's the right term) of photos taken between last year and this year. A couple of them are for my second shoot with Kink.com's EverythingButt site with Laela Price and Audrey Hollander. Some of them are from Disneyland (I went there with my best friend her kids and our ex-friend...don't ask about it lol...and her kid). There is one from the Desert Botanical Garden which I took my grandma to. Many of the photos are from Florence, Italy. I shot there with Naughty Boy (formerly known as NottyBoy). I got to meet my Anoree...some of the photos in her are ones that he took. Some of the photos are of Tommy Pistol (my ex boyfriend) and I during our trip to Temecula, our trip back to my home in Tempe and just out and about.

Arizona, LA & Mexico Fun '14
68 Photos
Again another mish mash of random photos from 2014. You would think at this point that I would have a system down to categorize the photos...maybe by quarters of the year. I think one of the issues is that I don't get some of the photos until my friends finally send them to me (usually after much reminding). So to get into the actual description of the photos in this set...several of them are from my shoot in LA with Christian XXX (the pegging scene which you can see on the professional video page). Several of them are from my former friend's birthday dinner and following night club party. Many of them are taken in Phoenix while I'm out and about. A few are from my time in LA and the tropical looking photos are from my trip to Playa de Carmen, Mexico for my girlfriend's "dirty 30" (as they like to call it) birthday celebration.

LA, Vegas and PHX '13
94 Photos
This candid photo set is a bit larger than normal. I didn't realize how big it was until I was practically finished editing it and at that point I didn't want to have to deal with changing things so decided to keep it as a larger set. Some of these photos are from Bianca and my birthday celebration in Vegas back in May. Not all of the birthday celebration photos are in this set (the majority of them are in the next candid photo set). Some of the photos were taken at the Renassaince Faire in Phoenix that I try to attend every year. This year I went with Bianca and her two children. You might notice some of my BDSM photos taken in June during my last play session with Master James. There are a couple left over photos from my trip to New Orleans and some photos from the Phoenix Forum back in April.

LA, Vegas, eXXXotica Chicago and PHX '13
109 Photos
Chicago eXXXotica was my first porno convention. Meeting some of my fans in person was an amazing experience. I do plan on attending more conventions (the next convention will be New Jersey eXXXotica). You might recognize some porn stars in the photos. Raven Rockette and Sarah Blake (who I roomed with during the convention) were kind enough to take pictures with me. I've had a crush on Sarah for ages so being able to meet her in person and hang out with her for a few days was a dream come true. Some of these pictures are from my birthday celebration in Vegas with my girlfriends. Several of the photos are from various shoots I've done (I try to take pictures after my makeup is done...and before the makeup is destroyed haha).

LA Pussy 2013
61 Photos
There are only four pussy pics in this candid photo set but I "LA Pussy 2013" was the first title that popped into my mind so I decided to go with it. In this photo set you will find pictures of me made up for my Kink, Brazzers and BangBros shoots. There are also some photos of Tommy Pistol (my roommate in LA) and I from when he came out to shoot with me in Phoenix. I love the sexy pink bra mirror pics. You might notice that some of the pictures look better than before (as far as quality goes). I upgraded my phone...the photos I've been taking on it have turned out beautifully.

Las Vegas and PHX '13
83 Photos
I look like a wreck in some of the Las Vegas photos (you'll be able to figure out which ones I'm talking about). I have a habit of making out with girls when I'm at a club or party. What's interesting is I tend to be more into girls than guys when I am out partying. One of the girls I was making out with had bright red lipstick on. I didn't think about the fact that red lipstick gets EVERYWHERE nor did anyone tell me that I had red lipstick smeared all over my face. The white dress photos were taken at Body English in the Hard Rock. LATATA held a white party there during AVN/AEE. Sadly everyone (all the porn people that is) were gone by the time we got to the club. There are some photos from the AVN awards (I wasn't nominated for anything). I wasn't planning on attending but one of my industry friends told me to join his group. That was probably one of the most spontaneous things I've ever done.

LA and PHX '12-'13
81 Photos
I love visiting LA and was able to travel there several times last year. I will be traveling to LA more this coming year since I plan on shooting with other porn companies (the majority of them are located in LA). I normally travel with Bianca hence why you see so many photos of her and I. One of the photos is of a dog and I. It took me a while to remember where the photo was taken (at my friend who fixed my computer). The dog (a Beagle) was so sweet and very affectionate. A lot of the photos in this set are "dress up" pics. I love taking photos trying on new clothing. It gives me a good idea of how it will look on camera. I love the bottle stuffing photos. Sometimes I get in a really frisky mood and just want to stuff random things inside of me. Interestingly enough this isn't a behavior I exhibited before working with FTV. FTV's corrupted me :D

LA, New Orleans and PHX '12-'13
78 Photos
New Orleans was an interesting trip. I took my brother there for his 21st birthday present. Originally the trip was planned for the beginning of February but had to be pushed back till March. I started getting a nasty cold right before (I had it for a few weeks). We visited the state museum, had beignets, visited bars on Frenchman St and Bourbon St and did quite a bit of walking around. Some of these photos are from my LA trip for New Years. You will also see some photos from Christmas. I bought matching Christmas pajamas for everyone in my family (including Love Bug and Isis). In one of the photos I am licking a pink dildo. I've never used it which is a shame since I just threw it away. I was going to use it for my anal training (I'm good with width...just need to work on length now). As soon as I stuck it inside of my butt I experienced some of the worst pain (burning) ever. I've experienced pain like that before during the "A Girl's Prerogative"/"The Infamous Ten" shoot. I think I'm allergic to a certain material some adult toys are made out of.

Phoenix Fun '12
82 Photos
All of these photos were taken in Phoenix during 2012. You will find pictures of Hailey (www.BiancaBane.com) and another one of my girlfriends that I've shot with for my website. I'm not sure if the other girl had a stage name or not. I don't think we picked anything out for her since we weren't shooting a video. I wish all of my girl friends would shoot g/g videos with me (or at the very least g/g photo sets). I have been intimate with quite a few of my girlfriends. Looking at the photos in this set I realized that I've been intimate with every except two that is pictured. Some of the photos were taken during my girlfriend Dallas' birthday celebration. She had a "light up the night" theme were everyone had to wear glow in the dark, neon clothing. I went crazy with it and had my makeup done in turquoise blue and wore a sheer neon yellow shirt with a turquoise bra underneath, white shorts and turquoise heels. I almost never dress in clothing like that so I really wanted to go wild with my clothing.

New Zealand and PHX '12
73 Photos
I think this is the last bit of photos from my New Zealand trip. There are some candid photos taken of me at the Museum of New Zealand, at an animal farm, the beach on the west side of the south island and a winery that also included a cheesery (I think that is what it would be called). There are also some photos of me during my first white water rafting trip and a Hukafalls jet boat ride. When I look at these photos I really feel like visiting again. New Zealand would be an incredible place to live. I wouldn't mind winning the lottery (of course) and buying a huge amount of land there where I can build a farm. I would definitely raise sheep, horses, cows...and perhaps other animals but those are the animals I am sure I would want to raise. The rest of these photos were taken in Phoenix. You will find some clothing modeling pictures showing off new clothing I've bought in this set.

NM, NYC and PHX '12
70 Photos
I love taking pictures of my butt (as I'm sure you guys can tell by the amount of butt pictures I take). Sadly I don't think the professional pictures show off my butt the way the candid photos show it off. Interestingly enough I do think I have one of the largest hip measurements in the industry (41.5"). According to Google (not sure how well you can trust the internet) Alexis Texas and Kelly Divine have a hip measurement of 40". Brianna Love and Jada Stevens (both EA Buttwomen) have a hip measurement of 36". I love my butt and I feel like more attention should be paid to it. This set of candid photos is a mishmash of photos taken over the last six months. Some of the photos are from my trip to New Mexico for the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. Other photos are from my trip to NYC in November of last year.

St Lucia, NYC and PHX '12
80 Photos
I really shouldn't add "NYC" to the title of this candid set as only one of the photos in this set is from NYC but the OCD side of me won't allow myself not to put "NYC" in the title. The majority of these photos were taken in July 2012 in St Lucia. I stayed at this gorgeous resort with some of my female friends. I did get some sun (surprise, surprise) while I was there...in some of the photos you can see my sunburn. It sucks because even when I did put sun block on I ended up getting a sunburn....totally screwy! The room that I stayed in was absolutely stunning. It was right on the beach. It had it's own private pool, private jacuzzi and outdoor shower. During the trip I went on a few different excursions including an ATV ride, a zipline tour, and a boat trip to a botanical garden and volcano hot springs. Unfortunately my camera went dead a few days into the trip so I had to use my cell phone to take photos. I also rode on a jet ski (my first time ever).

St Lucia '12
80 Photos
This is the second part of the St Lucia 2012 candid photo set. Again a bunch of sexy pics of me in various bikinis, nightgowns, and dresses. In one of the photos you get to see me really sunburned. Unfortunately pretty much any time I am out in the sun for an extended period of time (usually longer than  15 minutes) I will sun burn (even if I wear sun block). My skin is so sensitive to the sun and it also doesn't help that I get sun poisoning really quite easy. Hence why you guys never see me tanned...a do not like the sun and the sun does not like me. Of course one of the bonuses to staying out of the sun is that I will look absolutely spectacular (and probably way younger than my actual age) when I am middle aged. If I were a guy I would definitely choose a wife that didn't tan over one that did.

New Zealand '12
84 Photos
I can never write when there is noise in the background (like music...though I'm not sure if I've tried writing while classical music is playing). Trying to edit this set was a pain in the butt. When I changed the photos to .bmp format (for editing purposes) the photos "blew up" on me and were way larger than I've ever had to deal with before. I use pretty old school programs (though that is what I was taught on and since it works well enough for me I most likely won't change the programs I use or the way I edit). The New Zealand trip was taken in September. I think September is NZ's late winter or early spring. All I know was that it was quite cold (very enjoyable for me) and that I did not bring the right clothing (lots of shorts and short sleeve shirts). Some of my favorite photos from this set are the rapelling photo (photo 139) and the three donkeys photo (photo 159...those donkeys really liked me...they actually seemed a bit deprived of human companionship). Photo 180 (a butt pic) is quite odd looking. I think the camera distorted my legs and butt a bit so it seems like my butt is way larger than it is (or perhaps it's always that big but I just don't notice that it is that big....which if it is that big then I will be quite happy).

Bondage and Boobies
72 Photos
Most of the pictures in this candid photo set are bondage photos (hence the title "Bondage and Boobies"). Some of the pictures were taken at the Den (www.doiaz.com) where I've shot before (and will be shooting again this month). I volunteered to have Master James and Mistress Alex practice shibari bondage forms on me. The other bondage pictures (you will be able to tell pretty clearly which pics were taken at the Den and which weren't taken there) were taken during a fun little session with a friend. I was very interested in taking pictures of me all tied up and he offered to help me out with that. The Christmas pictures are from this swingers party I went to in Scottsdale. It was fun...though not as fun as the other swingers parties I've attended. I get a kick out of how the single females get treated. Everyone loves the single females at these parties lol. I'm probably going to go to a Valentine's party with my girlfriend Theresa. Apparently it's required that you dress up in lingerie so I might have to go shopping.

Los Angeles and PHX '12
78 Photos
I've traveled to Los Angeles with my best friend Theresa twice now in the past month and a half. The last time we went we also brought along our friend Lyndsay (we also ended up driving rather than flying). I am not a fan of long road trips especially when the areas aren't all that spectacular to look at. I'm also the worst "back seat driver" ever which does not make things any better when in a car. I've freaked out my friends numerous times yelling at other drivers or screeching when I thought someone was going to hit us (which I think is going to happen quite often when someone else is driving). Both times we were in LA we went out to the clubs. LA clubs vs Phoenix/Scottsdale clubs...well let's just say the people who frequent the clubs in both cities are quite different from one another. The good thing about Lyn, Theresa and I...we all have different taste in guys (so we don't have to fight other them...which we probably wouldn't...we're good at sharing). The house that we stayed at in west Hollywood was absolutely adorable. It was located in a fabulous area. I'm pretty sure that I will be staying there every time I go to LA.

Traveling Around and PHX '12
81 Photos
The majority of these photos were taken during my latest trip to NYC (in June 2012). I really do love the fact that I have the freedom to travel so much. My latest trip to NYC was quite enjoyable. I met a guy while I was there (really I met him the last time I was in NYC in 2011 but it was just a passing acquaintance). Spending time with him was enjoyable...to say the least. I really didn't do too much during the NYC trip other than shopping. I bought quite a lot of new clothing to shoot in (which I need to wash and put away today...talk about time consuming). Several of the photos in this set are from my 24th birthday celebration with my friends. We did a joint birthday dinner with my girlfriend Sandra and I at this sassy Scottsdale restaurant that I absolutely adore (they have the best pesto ever). Afterwards we went to the Arizona Fetish Prom which was quite entertaining (except for the body piercing suspension show they put on at the end of the night...that just made me incredibly faint feeling). Unfortunately I didn't get any photos during the event...but I did get to hook up with this hot couple later that night.

New York City '11
73 Photos
I never really was a big fan of NYC but really fell in love with it during my last trip there (in June). I went with my best friend Theresa. The names of the the areas in NYC are kind of weird. Apparently we were staying in Nolita (North Little Italy) and in the lighting district. I loved the fact that you could go out to eat at any time of day and night. They have so many amazing restaurants there. One of the days we went sky diving which I completely fell in love with. I plan on getting my sky diving license at the school here in Arizona. There were a lot of pretty hot guys there sky diving (another good reasons to get my license lol). One f the days we went to the farmers market which was sooo much fun. They had the most amazing fresh foods there. I ended up buying quite a bit of stuff there for presents. Going on the subway was interesting. Thankfully the subways weren't crowded (which would've completely freaked me out). I kept on trying to find some of those giant rats that live in the subway but unfortunately couldn't find any.

T n' A 2011
65 Photos
Not too much to say about this candid photo set. Most of it is random camera phone pics and some of them are from my webcam. There is one photo from my visit to Six Flags in California (that one should be pretty easy to pick out). Not sure why I didn't get more photos when I was there...I think I was more focused on getting to and on the rides. A few of them are from my trip to Sedona. I really want to visit Sedona again. There are some amazing resorts there that I would love to stay at. Two of the photos were taken at one of the resorts I shot in (those are the ones in the bubble bath). I seem to spend quite a bit of time taking random photos of myself...which isn't necessarily a bad thing since I post almost all of them up here for you guys to see.


Randomness 2011
64 Photos
As you guys can probably tell I haven't been hanging out with my friends too much (hence why there hasn't been that many photos with anyone besides myself in them). Since school is over I wonder if I will be spending more time with them or not. I just feel like I'm on a different page in my life than the rest of them so it's a bit hard to relate to them. That's not to say that I don't miss being social and having fun clubbing and dancing...it's just a bit hard to do that when everyone is talking about random drama. Anyways since I haven't been spending as much time with my friends and haven't been getting candid pictures with them I've been taking a lot of camera pics to kind of make up for it. I love taking camera pics anyways especially when I'm having a "hot day" and want to capture that look. There are two pictures in here from after my bdsm fem dom shoot. I think it will be pretty easy to figure out which photos those are (they are back photos...my skin is pretty bruised up in them).

Puerto Vallarta, Oregon, and PHX '10-'11
83 Photos
I've never flown in a private plane before, so when I found out that my friends and I were going to fly private to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico I was incredibly excited. It's definitely something that everyone should try once in their lifetime. I got to fly most of the flight to Mexico in the co-pilot's seat. It's interesting how comfortable and not scared I was flying in a small plane. I think it's because I was able to see what was going on. I took some webcam pictures of my new piercings....I'm sure some of you guys aren't going to like them at all but I love them and think they are incredibly cute. Some of this set was shot in Oregon (Portland and Corvallis). You can tell which pictures those are because I am in cold weather clothing (which still wasn't warm enough lol). I had a blast in Portland for New Years....it was definitely one of my top 3 favorite New Years celebrations so far.

Las Vegas and Random PHX Pics '11
72 Photos
I just realized that there are some pictures in this set that were shot in 2009. Not sure why I didn't put those pics in a candid set from 2009 but hey at least you guys get to see them now. Some of these pictures are from the Renaissance Faire this year. I went to the Pleasure Feast with three of my friends (that is my 3rd or 4th year going to the P.F.). I got two of my friends to dress up with me. Unfortunately I didn't get my hair braided like I normally do mostly because I had way too much shopping to do. I did get my face painted. I think it turned out really well. I had a great idea for Halloween. I want to be a fantasy Pict warrior (or something like it). I would want to have my face and shoulders painted and I would wear some leather warrior type outfit. The Las Vegas pics are from a recent trip. A huge group of my friends and I went to Vegas to see Above and Beyond at the Marquee theatre.

Sedona Trip, 23rd Birthday, & PHX Fun
62 Photos
There are some extra Las Vegas pictures in this set that I never added to the last set. Some of these pics were taken at two different raves/electronic music concerts.. You should be able to figure out pretty easy which pics are from those events...they are the school girl pics and the photos of me in the pink shirt and the green shirt. I didn't really get that many birthday photos this year. I think that was mainly because I was interested in just relaxing...plus Dallas wasn't there and she is usually the one that gets everyone taking pictures. I actually really enjoyed it though. I had dinner with friend(s) Friday and Saturday night and had lunch with my family on Sunday. Some of these pictures were taken at the Sedona spiritual retreat I attended in May.

Oktoberfest, San Fran, Nocturnal '10, & PHX
105 Photos
Oktoberfest was definitely way more fun than last year. At the festival I rode a mechanical bull (and got a ton of bruises from it), got my face painted and played around with a bunch of cute farm animals in a petting zoo. I got pretty drunk the first night....there are some hilarious drunk pictures of me in this set (you'll know them when you see them). The San Francisco pictures are beautiful too (can't wait to finally get rid of my pink hair). Of course there are tons of pictures of me partying with my friends in Scottsdale/Phoenix. I love the "girls night" pictures (those are the pictures of me in the fedora and black jumpsuit). That was an awesome night.

22nd Birthday and Coachella '10
71 Photos
Coachella is a three day event in Southern California. My best friend Dallas has been a couple times and suggested we go this year. The house we rented was absolutely gorgeous. We were supposed to have a bunch of people go with us but unfortunately most people flaked out and we only ended up with 5 people including myself in the house. I bought two outfits just for Coachella. I found a purple WoW shirt that I thought would be really cute to wear with some purple Converse shoes. We saw Dita Von Teese (she's a famous model and burlesque dancer) and got our picture taken with her. My 22nd birthday was in Vegas again (I think this may end up being my thing to do for my birthday). We stayed at the Hard Rock hotel since that is where the Rehab pool party is held. Of course I bought new outfits for my birthday Vegas trip. Actually you guys have probably seen the pink birthday dress in one of my video and photo updates. This year I bought a tiara since last year I didn't come with one (the birthday girl has to wear a tiara in Vegas).

Monster Massive & Phx Fun '10
70 Photos
This was my first time going to Monster Massive. MM is a massive EDM festival held in LA. I really wanted all the girls in my group to dress up as the Sailor Scouts but two of the girls decided to do their own thing. I got the Yuna gunner costume from Final Fantasy X-2. The costume was pretty cute but it wasn't completely correct (some of the colors were wrong & the boot weren't the same). My friend dressed up as Tidus. One of my girlfriends was supposed to go as Rikku but the costume didn't get to her house on time. Some of these pictures are from a trip to Vegas with a bunch of guys. We went there for Halloween. I bought a Princess Toadstool outfit that did not fit right at all (it was way too small everywhere)...so I wasn't too comfortable walking around in it. The crown didn't even go on my head right do I didn't wear that. I wonder if people even knew who I was supposed to be. My two guy friends were supposed to be Mario and Luigi but when the costumes came in both the costumes were Luigi costumes.

Phoenix Fun 2010
60 Photos
You guys probably think I am such a party girl. I'm really not it's just that my friends are huge picture whores so every time we end up meeting up we always take a ton of pictures. It's probably a good thing though since these will be great to look at when I'm fairly old and look completely different than I do now. A couple of these pics were taken at the Phoenix Forum this year. Some are from the Valentine's party I hosted and some of them are from a St Patty's day celebration I went to.

Miami Winter Music Conference 2010
85 Photos
WMC this year was amazing. This was the first year I've ever attended it (and probably not the last year.) My best guy friend has attended it so many times so that's how I found out about it. We had a fairly large group of us go (6 from my immediate friends group and about 4 who are acquaintances.) WMC lasts a full week but we only went from Thursday to Monday which was probably a good thing since by Sunday I was completely over partying and ended up staying in my room until we left for home.

Electric Daisy Carnival 2010 & Random Phoenix Pics
63 Photos
My second time going to EDC. To be perfectly honest it wasn't as fun as last year. The group got VIP tickets (like last year) but it ended up being a bit different than last year's VIP. They didn't have a hookah lounge or a masseuse. I guess that they are probably just trying to save some money. For the first night Dallas and I did a cat and mouse theme and the second night we did a bumblebee theme. Most of the pics in this set are from EDC but there are a couple from various nights in Phoenix.

Holidays 2009 and 2010
83 Photos

Here are pictures of me during Halloween (some in Phoenix and some in Hollywood at the House of Blues), New Years in Del Mar, CA, the Christmas party my friend threw at his house in Tempe, and the Valentine's night party I threw at his place this year. I tried to get the naughty pictures we took at the X-Mas party but haven't gotten them yet.

AVN Awards, Vegas, and Random Pics 09 - 10
82 Photos
The AVN awards 2010 was a ton of fun to attend. The only thing that went wrong was not getting the right seats for the awards show (we got fan seats rather than talent seats.) I went to Vegas quite a few times in the past year so you get to see a lot of pictures from my trips there and also a lot more "random" pics just out and about in Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale.

Party in AZ 09 - 10
94 Photos
My friends and I are such picture whores! I've never met anyone else that takes as many pictures as we do. I'm sure you guys love it though since you get a real inside look into my life. These pictures are taken at Cream Stereo Lounge, American Junkie, the W hotel, and my friend Steve and Melissa's house.

Nocturnal Festival and Random Pics 09
63 Photos
Check me out in my cute Alice in Wonderland costume for Nocturnal 09. The theme of Nocturnal was Alice in Wonderland so all my girlfriends dressed up as characters from the story. There are also some pics of me in San Diego and out and about at the Scottsdale nightclubs.

Labor Day and Random Pics 09
57 Photos
Labor Day at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood was a ton of fun. I went with some of my friends from South California (mostly San Diego.) I did end up seeing some famous people including the Kardashian sisters. Lamar Odon (I think that's his name), and that one blonde dude from 90210.

Big Bear Octoberfest and Random Pics 09 and 10
112 Photos
I have a ton of candid picture sets I'm trying to catch up on. I'm mean...some of the pictures in this set is from October of last year. There are also pictures from the Superbowl party 2010 at Dallas' house and some pics from this glow in the dark party I went to in Scottsdale.

My 21st Birthday in Vegas
90 Photos
I had an amazing time in Vegas for my 21st...some of these pics are a little blurry but I still wanted to show everyone the fun that I had. The party bus pics are some of my faves.

Completely Random Pics #2
50 Photos
Here are some pics from my first rave, a Diamondbacks game, Lake Pleasant, and some pics with my family. These were taken anywhere from April 2009 to just recently.

EDC and Random Pics 09
60 Photos
Pics from the Electric Daisy Carnival 09, the Oasis Pool party (some taken
by Hexed Media), and random nights out and about in Scottsdale.

Alaska, Europe, Texas 2007
32 Photos
Here's some pictures from my annual family reunion in Texas. There are also pics from my 19th birthday present vacation in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany. And you get to see pictures from my month long camping trip in Alaska and the western part of Canada.

Jamaica 2008
24 Photos
These are pictures from my Jamaica vacation with my ex-boyfriend. I got to do a ton of fun stuff like horseback riding in the ocean, a zipline tour (which kind of freaked me out a bit....but was super fun), and swimming with the dolphins.

Completely Random Pics
75 Photos
Here are a bunch of pictures that I've been collecting for the past two years. I'm sure you guys have seen some of these on my Myspace page and various other places....but you can finally see some of my candid nudes too!

Webcam Style 2008
48 Photos
I was just fooling around with my laptop, it has a webcam device in it that I finally figured out how to use.  So enjoy this bunch and tell me if you like it.

Lamborghini Tour
48 Photos
So many exotic cars in one place!  I pose (in a very hot black dress) with several Lamborghinis, and even a Bugatti Veyron.  I flash my breasts when I can!

Hawaii 2008
42 Photos
I visited Oahu, and traveled to the east side of the island.  Here you see photos of me at the Valley of the Temples, as well as Wimea Falls Park.