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Default Behaviour or some people

Hello Danielle, Now I don't want to bring up bad news that 1. Danielle already knows 2. A lot of people hear also know is happening. However in the past year and a bit I've seen a increase of poor behaviour on X. Now it is appalling to say the least to see people who call themselves fans not step up and call the likes of harassment and Cyberstalking out. In late 2022 I was contacted by a scammer but there I researched the photos I read Danielle's posts and I saw how many people though. It was plan as day for all to see, just how some people to today's date think it is aok to commit serious crimes against Danielle's Right's
If you do read this Danielle do not think I'm here to wrap the Cain across your nuckles your done nothing wrong. And do understand that if your seen someone on X posting long publications about you it is me. It's to recap your posts so you don't have to sound like you are on repeat.
As is I know what you are going through this the reason I did step up on X for you. I don't hide behind fakery as i believe you only hiding something sinister if your hiding the basics. Like how your real though it does leave you open to hurt by Serial Pests. I'm on your side and I will keep advising others what ever they say or do.
This isn't really as question though if Danielle or others feel they see fit on this topic and think they should pitch in to it to bring some of the Serial Cyberstalking down. I am calling them out when I see it happening. Kind Regards
As a lady Danielle you've got a right to respect privacy and too your dignity. Regardless of your past activities. The one thing I believe is regardless to other mens beliefs is your right to respect. Xx
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