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Default *** Danielle's Journal ***

Hey guys, here is my journal. I am going to try to write a journal entry periodically ... but of course somedays I may be to busy.

If you are planning on sending anything to me, send it to the following address (this is my business mailbox, it's not where I live... also please don't send any perishable items to this mailbox since I only check it once, maybe twice a month):
Danielle Delaunay
3116 S Mill Ave #616
Tempe, AZ, 85282

Also if you are sending any type of clothing here are my sizes

43-34-44 (updated 12/22/20)
Dress- 14
Pants/Jeans/Skirt- 14 or XL
Top- XL
Bras- 36G (UK sizing)
Shoes- 8 1/2 to 9 or 39

Sept 18, 2008
So my mom called me earlier and asked if I could meet a tow truck man tomorrow at 10 in the morning to tow my old car (a Chevy Cavalier.) I will be pretty sad to see it go...but it was definitely falling apart. I remember a few Christmas's ago my mom gave me a choice between a new water pump, or a cd player. Of course I chose the cd player...not really knowing that the water pump is an essential part of the vehicle. So almost everytime I would drive it around it would overheat on me...scaring the bejeezus out of me. I had to retire the car when one day we couldn't get it to start. I ended up having to tow the car back home, and it's been sitting there ever since. It's an old car, but it was still my first car and I really hope the new owner takes good care of it.

I'm also very itchy. I had a photoshoot the other day. There was a house near the photographers house that had stagnant water. Well most people know that stagnant water is breeding grounds for mosquitos...but obviously the next door neighbors didn't. So the photography team and I were all up on the roof taking beautiful sunset pictures, and the whole time I'm getting bit by dozens of mosquitos. The photographers were freaking out, swatting them off me and spraying me with bug spray, but I was like hey it's all in the name of art. Well today I wish I would've been a little smarter because I am COVERED in mosquito bites. They are all over my legs, my butt, and my back. I woke up a few times last night because the itching was so bad.

So other than my car being towed away, and the mosquito bites...nothing else really exciting happened. I drove a friend to another friend's house...but that's not really exciting.
Danielle FTV

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