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Default "Accidental" porn download

Hi everyone,

Long time lurker here, and I just renewed my FTVGirls membership for another 5 months. This morning, while surfing for some "spank" material, (just prior to renewing my membership here) I felt a hankering for some "teen bikini" images. I like the young look, as I'm sure others do. Well, during the course of my search, some unquestionably young porn images of young girls come up on the screen in my search results. Similar images were also mixed in with other images on some of the sites I clicked on. I was NOT looking for kiddie porn, and am actually disgusted that I even came across it. Sure, my fault for searching for anything close to "teen" stuff. I hate that I "opened the door" on this, so I'm afraid I may have opened up myself to a host of problems, for lack of a better phrase. Obviously, I don't want any trace of this stuff on my PC. Do I just need to clear my cookies and temp files? Or, am I now on some sort of watchlist just by the mere fact that I have navigated through pages with that sort of content? I'm a little nervous over this, if you can't tell.

Please forgive me if this topic is forbidden, and mods feel free to delete/edit as necessary.
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