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Cool The Six-Million-Inch Man!!!

Except for sexual athletes like porn stars, the ability to both stay erect and not ejaculate is difficult for men, even with various tricks. You've said that when you masturbate, you'll typically come three or four times. So I bet your private-life off-screen lovers find it very difficult to match what you can accomplish alone through jilling!

For the present, surgeons only install penile implants in patients with erectile dysfunction, when other therapies have failed or are counter-indicated. But technology progresses and social attitudes evolve: e.g. I bet the use of breast implants in healthy women for aesthetic reasons was also resisted at first!

So... assuming it is safe and effective, would you like it if your husband or partner had a penile implant, giving him a robo-dick that could always outlast your need for it erect? I imagine you'd like it better than if he wore a lesbian-style strap-on, because it would feel real on the outside in the way only a penis can.

Or am I wrong? Do you get the same pleasure as with an erect penis if your partner (female - or potentially male) uses a strap-on instead? And in either case, is masturbating always the best physical experience for you, even if not the most fulfilling psychological experience?

As if that wasn't enough to answer, try this, too: Since you have become a real anal sex fan, let's say we master (re)generative therapy in humans well enough so that we can grow an extra penis anywhere on a man, as easily as some quadrupeds can regenerate a lost limb. Would you like it if hubby had an extra one so he could do you vaginally and anally at the same time? Imagine that... one-man DP!!! (Or - even freakier - one-woman DP!!!)

P.S. And... if I volunteer "for the sake of science", will you marry me?

P.P.S. Note for math nerds who read titles: 2x6 inches/stroke x 1/2 million unbroken strokes = 6 million inches

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