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June 29, 2013
For the past couple of days now I feel like I've been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. I'm heading out to LA on the 30th and won't be back in Phoenix again until late on the 15th. I will also be traveling to Chicago for eXXXotica. July is going to be an incredibly busy month for me as far as traveling goes. It's exciting (I feel like I'm finally being productive) but at the same time trying to get prepared has been quite hectic.

This was my first full month signed up with LA Direct Models. I feel like I've been on their case a lot recently. I've been contacting them quite a bit about my shoots, eXXXotica, and my photos on their site. Originally they had picked photos that I felt didn't showed me off to my best potential (I asked them to pick photos from the past few years). When I asked them to choose different photos they chose photos from 2009 or so (back when I was about 15 pounds lighter, with darker hair and darker tattoos). I wasn't thrilled at all about them using those photos so I made the decision to shoot brand new photos just for the talent site. Problem is half the photos we shot I didn't particularly like. I love how bright the photos are especially compared to most of the other girl's photos on the talent site...I love the way my photographer I'm not sure why I'm not happy with the photos we took. It also doesn't help that I had a huge gap in my teeth because of my teeth moving (due to the braces). Fortunately I had that fixed as soon as I was able to.

I was a bit bummed that I didn't get more work while I was in LA at the beginning of the month. Granted I had just signed up with the agency so not a lot of producers knew/know who I am. The first scene I did this month was with Reality Kings for their Big Naturals site. The business location where talent goes to have makeup and wardrobe done was in this industrial area with a lot of buildings. Unfortunately I ended up being a couple minutes late because I couldn't figure out what building they were in. While walking up to the door I saw Gianna Michaels. I was surprised at how small she is. I'm not sure if she's lost weight (that was my first time seeing her in person) or the camera adds pounds but she wasn't as "thick" as I was expecting her to be. There were two other girls in makeup/wardrobe when I arrived. One girl was Kiera Winters. I got a kick out of seeing her there because I have a huge crush on her and actually named an update for her ("Horny for Kiara"). None of us really talked...I think it was too early and we were all preoccupied with our phones or talking to the makeup artists. The wardrobe lady had me try on several bikinis and swimsuits. We ended up going with this sexy black bikini with slinky straps connecting the top and bottom and black Louboutin's (my first time wearing that brand). The shoot location was at some gorgeous home up in the hills overlooking the city. Not only was my male talent (Mick Blue) incredibly hot, so was the P.A., the director/photographer...even the homeowner was attractive. Part of the scene was shot in the pool, the rest was shot on a couch outside. The scene ended up turning out really well in my opinion. I'm not sure when it will be out. I've been told that it usually takes about two months before a scene will be out.

My scene the next day was with Naughty America for their My Girlfriend's Busty Friend site. I didn't realize that the home we were shooting at was in a gated community. As soon as I saw that and that you had to stop at the gate guard station I bailed out and called up my agency to see what I needed to do to get in. Fortunately that was pretty easy to figure out and I didn't have any trouble with the guard. I was first to arrive at the shoot home. The P.A. and director/photographer were a couple minutes behind me. The makeup artist was quite late but that wasn't a huge deal since I had to fill out the model paperwork. Naughty America does script scenes which was a first for me. Finding out that it was a script scene and that I had to learn my lines in a short amount of time really frazzled my nerves. It didn't help when I found out that I was shooting with Johnny Castle (I have a huge crush on him and had him on my "To Do" list). Needless to say I was incredibly nervous around him and couldn't quite gather the nerve to speak to him until we started rehearsing our lines. We did improv the lines quite a bit but I think it turned out to be more authentic than if we had gone straight off the script. I made some mistakes and I think we had to shoot at least 4 takes. Being as it was my first time doing a script scene I wasn't sure what to expect so when I would flub a line I would become really flustered and agitated with myself. At one point during the blowjob portion the director stopped the video and told us that it was boring and that I needed to make some noise. I wasn't exactly sure what sort of noise he expected of me so I proceeded to do the typical porno moan. It was quite different than what I'm used to to say the least. The sex with Johnny was incredible. I think he did end up cumming in my eye. I've always heard that it hurts to have cum in your eye...interestingly enough that wasn't the case with me. I wonder if it's because I wear contacts which partially protects my eyes. After the scene I went to clean up and pack away my wardrobe. Lexi Belle and Dillion Harper were shooting a scene right after mine so they were preparing in the wardrobe/makeup room as well. I didn't chat with either of them but I got a kick out of seeing Lexi in person.

The next day I was supposed to shoot an anal scene for Naughty America with Mr Pete. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get clean enough (if you know what I mean) so the scene had to be cancelled. I was hoping that it could be switched to a normal b/g scene but unfortunately that wasn't to be. I was pretty upset because being brand new to the industry you don't want things like this to happen. I am concerned about what the director (the same person who shot the previous NA scene) thinks about me now.

My next scene wasn't until the following week. It was for Brazzer's Baby Got Boobs site. The director/photographer was totally hot but unfortunately taken. He told me that working with Brazzers would really boost my career and that I will probably be big with Brazzer's fans since I have the look that the viewers like. The shoot took a lot longer than previous shoots (I was there from 9am to about 6 or 7pm). I wasn't bothered by it though my talent agent seemed annoyed. I worked with a hot Latin guy named Clover. Apparently he has only been in the industry for about half a year. He did a spectacular job in my opinion. The scene was another scripted scene. It was incredibly amusing and I think people will get a kick out of the scenario. Craven Moorehead was shooting in the same studio so I was able to briefly introduce myself to him. He's another one that is attractive (that seems to be a theme with people in porn). One of the female actresses shooting for him was Mia Malkova (another girl I have a crush on). What's quite funny is on the form I filled out for Brazzer's one of the questions was who I wanted to work with or who I had a crush on in the industry (I can't remember exactly what question it was). One of the girls I had listed was Mia Malkova. I was quite shy around her (I tend to be shy around people that I lust after) but I did manage to introduce myself.

One of the days I was in LA I went on "go see's" with my agency. One other girl (Laela Price) joined the talent agent and I. For my first time going on "go see's" I was actually quite happy that it was with only one other girl. We went to four or five businesses, passed out our talent sheet (I'm not quite sure if that's what it is's a paper with a photo, stats and what you are available for) and talked with the talent coordinators. I feel like I wasn't as outgoing as I could've been. I do have plans for future "go see's" that I think will make me stand out from the crowd.

I shot with Erotique TV on the last day of my trip. That day did not go the way I planned. The shoot was a live broadcast. My agent specifically told me that I could not cancel or be late. The company wanted me there 45 minutes before the broadcast start time. The shoot location was in downtown LA...I live in Sherman Oaks. I did not realize that it would take at least 45 minutes to get to the shoot location (I only gave myself 30 minutes). So I plugged the address into the GPS and head to the location knowing I was most likely going to be late. I got to the location, parked in a garage (not having any cash on me I had to ask the garage attendant if I could pay him later) and rushed down to find the studio. After about five minutes of looking and talking on the phone with Eric John (the male talent and owner of Erotique TV) I realized that I had entered "east" and not "west" when I plugged in the address. I raced to the parking garage, threw my shoot luggage in the car and raced to the correct address. I again parked in a paid parking lot and asked the parking attendant if I could pay him later. Dude would not let me do that so I had to have Eric come down and pay for the parking. Needless to say I have been carrying cash on me ever since. I felt awful because I'm never late like that. I'm not sure how late we were, but fortunately nobody complained about it. I had only done live webcam shows on my site and one on Chaturbate so being fairly inexperienced (I had only done one b/g live webcam show before) I was a bit nervous. Eric was amazing...the chemistry between us was incredible. There were two parts to the show. I had a 12 minute break in between shows to get dressed. I ended up running late on the second show because I was trying to get my heels strapped on though I think it was worth it (my outfit was so sexy).
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