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May 1, 2013
I'm editing a video that was supposed to be put up yesterday (the Richie Meets Danielle hardcore video). I decided to use my new desktop computer to edit and process the video. It seems to go way quicker than processing on my laptop. I don't care for the new version of Window's Movie Maker (that is what I use to edit the videos). Watermarking and capturing screen shots on it is tedious and time consuming compared to using the older version of Movie Maker. I've used a screenshot capture program but didn't care for it because the photos would turn out blurry or unflattering.

I had braces put on yesterday. Nobody (except my cosmetic dentist) thought I needed them. I've had braces before (from 16 to 18 or 19) but because I didn't wear the retainer afterwards my teeth shifted out of place. My current braces are on the inside of my teeth on the top and on the outside of my teeth on the bottom. I am not liking having braces on the inside of my teeth and have contacted the orthodontist about having them moved to the outside (and switched with clear brackets). I know that after a week or so you get used to having them inside your teeth but I don't feel like they would be a good fit with my lifestyle (it doesn't help that I can't eat or drink anything right now without my tongue scraping against them). Originally I wanted the top braces on the inside of my teeth because I didn't want them seen during my shoots. I've come to the realization that blow jobs are going to be difficult with them in the position they are in now. I would rather have a year (well 8 months to a year) worth of content with braces in view than not be able to give a quality blow job. I go in tomorrow to have them worked on again. I will be talking to the orthodontist about moving them then. I'm hoping he can do so as soon as possible as I am leaving for LA on the 8th (for the Mike Adriano shoot).

The car situation has turned out better than expected. I bought a new car a week after the accident. It's a black 2013 328i fully loaded with a sports and comfort package. I am in love with it and have been enjoying fiddling around with the gadgets inside of it. I haven't been playing with my phone while driving since the accident. The dealership listed the price of the old car as $32,000 or so. From what I was originally told my insurance was only going to pay out $27,000. Interestingly enough when I checked the status of the claim I saw that they were issuing a check to BMW for the full price. I also received a check from my insurance for $1400. I'm not sure why but I'm not going to question it. I was a bit aggravated that it took over twenty days before BMW sent in the info needed to the insurance company. Part of me wonders if they did that because they wanted the next car payment (which came out on the 18th). I'm tempted to reverse the payment since I wouldn't have been charged if BMW had sent in one piece of paperwork before the 18th. The lady I hit has contacted my insurance to find out about my insurance limits. I received a letter in the mail asking if I would release the info (they have to get your permission before releasing it). I am not willing to release that info as I feel it's just a way for her to get as much money out of this as she can. I did find out that I have to take a traffic survival school course. I was hoping that I could take it online but unfortunately it can only be taken in a classroom. I do remember my driver's ed class being entertaining so I'm hoping this class will be entertaining as well. It's held in Tempe so I imagine most of the students will be around my age.

I attended an industry only convention called The Phoenix Forum. This was my third year attending the convention. Unlike many other industry conventions this convention is for industry people only (no fans allowed). Unlike the previous years I've attended there weren't many models present. I did make friends with a cute model named Carmen who I will be working with at some point (I think as soon as she finishes school for the semester). I didn't realize how many attractive guys there were in the industry until this forum. If I had let the inner slut out I would've banged seven or eight guys during the event. I also met this tiny, American-Asian webmaster that I fell in lust with. She invited me to her room (as did three other people) but sadly enough I did not take her up on her offer (what was I thinking!). I will possibly be attending three industry only conventions this year in Europe so perhaps I will be lucky enough to meet a few of them while there and take advantage of the opportunity I didn't during the forum.

I was invited by an industry friend (who I am hoping will end up more than a friend) to the Scottsdale Culinary Arts Festival. It was my first time attending the festival. We didn't spend that much time there since I am not a fan of the sun. We saw my brother there who was working at one of the restaurant booths (he is a server at some southwestern restaurant).

My hardcore shoot this month was with a handsome gentleman named Richie Calhoun. I hadn't seen too much of his work online so I the days before the shoot was spent Googling him. Picking him up at the airport was entertaining. I had given the agent my phone number to give to Richie. J (my photographer) and I were late (again) getting to the airport to pick the talent up. Fortunately Richie wasn't out of the security area yet so I had time to show J Richie's photo so he would know who to look out for. I told Richie that we would be waiting for him outside of security. I don't think he remembered though because he glanced around really quick before heading to the escalator down to baggage claim. I don't think he realized that he was shooting with me. He seemed surprised (in a good) way when he found out that we would be working together. So far both male talent I've hired from LA have become quite frisky with me before the shoot. I'm wondering if that is common or if the chemistry between the talent and I is just that amazing lol. I definitely plan on hiring Richie again. I'm actually hoping that he will be one of the members in the gangbang I want to shoot with
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