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Apr. 2, 2013

One of my fans recently got me in contact with Mike Adriano (king of POV anal porn). We were supposed to shoot at the end of March but ultimately rescheduled for May. Originally my plan for the industry was that I was going to shoot with a select group of companies only (for b/g, g/g and solo). That changed to shooting b/g with a select group of companies and then being available for solo scenes with any company. At this point I really have no idea what I would like to do. My ideal situation would be to win the jackpot lottery (don't will happen) and shoot with anyone and everyone to my heart's content. Unfortunately until I do win the lottery I can't put myself in a position were I lose website members because of too much content of me floating out there. One of the main reasons people join my website is because you can only find a limited amount of content of me shot with other companies out on the interweb. Women that have their own site and keep absolutely exclusive to it tend to make the most money. I think members also get aggravated because in order for them to have all the content I shoot they would have to join many other sites (if I shoot with other companies). It can end up being costly to collect all of my scenes. I do plan on freelancing and talking to companies about shooting with them and using that content on my site (as well as their site) rather than being paid. I figure if I put a link to their website and keep their watermark on the video and photos that shouldn't be too much of an issue. Unfortunately the company that Mike Adriano works with (EvilAngel) will only distribute exclusive content. Mike and I came to the agreement that we would shoot a scene for EA and the next day shoot a scene for my site. I am incredibly excited about shooting with him. I haven't done a b/g anal scene in seven months. His scenes last anywhere from 50 minutes to an hour and 30 minutes. Depending on how long the scene is I can break it down to two to four scenes. I plan on putting up two of the scenes from the shoot in May (kind of a birthday present from me to my members). I did buy several garter belts to use for the scenes since he told me he had a liking for garter belts and stockings. I need to start anal training so that I can shoot the scenes with ease. I have an anal plug that is 7.34" around that I think will do a terrific job stretching me out. I tempted to ask Mike to measure how many inches around his **** is so that I can make sure whatever toy I use for anal training is large enough. I have an anal speculum a fan bought for me that I will bring with me to the shoot (hopefully we will use it). I've also found some beautiful, extra large decorative butt plugs I would love to use during the shoot (they are quite expensive though ).

My "Film with a Fan" contest ended. Five people submitted stories to me; unfortunately only three of them were eligible (two weren't members of my site). I was pleasantly surprised how well written and elaborate the stories were. I did decide to let all three eligible submissions win since I was having such a difficult time choosing the winner.

There is a possibility (actually not so much a possibility since I am 98% sure it will happen) that I will be getting braces. I contacted an orthodontist that is part of my cosmetic dentist's team about having my teeth straightened out. We had an initial consultation and afterwards I had extensive x-rays and photos taken of my mouth/teeth. The orthodontist told me that he would be able to put them on the interior (braces on the inside of your teeth rather than on the outside) and that it could take anywhere from eight months to a year before they come off. My biggest concern about having interior braces is what it would feel like for a man when I give him a blowjob. I've researched this topic a bit and have read that the vast majority of the time the braces can't be felt. Some advised that dental wax be used on the upper braces if there was any concern about the braces being felt. That is advice I will be using.

I was in a car accident a few days ago. Interestingly enough a psychic I saw on Saturday the 23rd told me not to use my phone in the car and that if I did I would be in an accident. I listened to her advice for a couple days after it being given. The accident happened because I was reading a text sent from a friend and ran straight through a red light. Witnesses said that I slowed down before the light...I honestly don't know what happened. I did see that the light was red but for some reason my brain did not register it. I remember being in the middle of the road and seeing the other car coming at me in the corner of my eye. I wondered why there was a car coming at me and then registered that the light was red. It was an incredibly terrifying experience and one I hope never to experience again. I was so fortunate that I wasn't hurt (well other than some major bruises, minor burns and abrasions). I'm not sure what happened to the woman in the other car as I never spoke with her nor saw her. The fire fighters told me that she was complaining about her neck and back hurting. I thought that was interesting considering her car was in considerable less damage than mine was (from what I saw only the front right was of the car was damaged). I have no idea what is going on with my vehicle right now. I'm hoping that they can repair it though doubt that they will be able to since the damage was extensive. In the meantime I am driving a cute little Fiat.
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