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Apr. 2, 2013
A fan sent me an email telling me about a Blackberry app that I am featured in. While it is incredibly flattering that I am part of the app I do hope that my watermark was not removed from the photos. Unfortunately content stealing is a huge issue in the adult film industry. It's a problem that we will continue dealing with until extreme measures are taken and even then it will still be a problem just not on the scale it is today. I live in a world were people think it's okay to view my content for free (I'm not talking about affiliate sites which send traffic my way which have small galleries and short clips of my videos on their site). They don't think about the fact that I'm losing money when my videos are added to tube sites and torrent sites. I spend quite a bit of money to shoot a scene. Talent has to be paid (and if I'm hiring talent through an agency then I have to pay the agency as well), my photographer has to be paid, new toys, shoes, and clothing have to be bought for every scene. Not to mention that I rent a resort room almost every month to shoot in (using the same location every shoot gets boring to my members).

This month was the first time I hired professional male talent from LA. It cost about twice as much to hire him vs hiring local professional male talent or even amateur talent found from SexyJobs or Craigslist. I have a fairly large list of professional male talent represented through talent agencies so I made the (right) decision to start crossing them off my list. I hired Xander Corvus through an LA talent agency. I've had a crush on him after seeing him online and have spent quite a bit of time cyber stalking him (which I did admit to him). My photographer and I picked him up from the airport (and were late doing so). My photographer and I had been shooting content to cover updates for the month of March and figured two and a half hours would give us enough time to shoot three scenes and three photosets and get to the airport by the time he landed. That didn't turn out to be the case. We were about ten minutes late arriving to the airport and I found out that Xander's flight arrived about ten minutes earlier than expected. We parked on the opposite end of the airport terminal so had to race to the other side. My photographer thought it would be a good idea to meet him at baggage claim so we went down what we thought were the correct escalators only to find out that they didn't lead to the baggage claim floor. My photographer jokingly told me that it would be funny if we saw Xander heading down the escalator to baggage claim as we were stuck on the floor above him. Low and behold right as he was saying that I saw Xander on the escalator. I was suprised when I saw that he had brought a small suitcase with him. No one had told him what the wardrobe situation was so he took it on himself to bring extra clothing with him (which wasn't needed). I was incredibly nervous about meeting Xander. I explained to him that he was the first male talent that I was hiring from an agency. I think he was quite flattered and in his words "turned on" by me being nervous around him. He really was an interesting character. 24 years old and what I would describe as a bad boy/rocker/player. In other words the worst type of guy to fall for. The drive to the hotel where we were shooting was entertaining. A camera was set up to film Xander and I talking. Watching the video from the car conversation was quite amusing and I think that my fans will be amused as well. We discussed blacksmithing, zombies, the AVN and Xbiz award shows....and other topics. The hotel we shot in was absolutely lovely. I was hesitant to shoot in the hotel because it was a casino hotel and I know they have a lot of staff watching what is going on. The room was perfect as far as lighting and space goes. I definitely plan on booking the room again for more of my shoots. The scene itself was absolutely amazing. I mean mind blowing, rock your world, AMAZING! I will admit I think I fell in love (probably lust) with Xander during the scene. I do fall in love incredibly easy. Mind blowing, intimate sex and orgasms are a great way to make me fall in love with a person. I wonder if I will end up falling for more of the male talent I shoot with. What was incredible was that even after the scene wrapped up when Xander and I were showering together we ended up going at it again. I do plan on hiring him again for a shoot but hope that I will be able to spend some time with him outside of "work".

I spent about half the month sick. Right before my trip to New Orleans (I took my brother there for his 21st birthday present) I started coming down with a nasty cold. Unfortunately it lasted the whole time I was in Nola and continued after I got back home. Traveling while you are sick is a huge pain in the butt. I had vertigo the whole half of the trip. I did book three tours for my brother and I to attend (a airboat swamp tour, a vampire tour and a pirate tour). We didn't make it to any of them. A few of the days I ventured outside the hotel (mostly to get food). The oysters in New Orleans were incredible! I've never had such fresh oysters before. I was also on a mission to find a croque madame (one of my favorite foods). Fortunately I was able to find it in a lovely French restaurant. Two of the nights I went out drinking with my brother. I did have a one night stand with a cute Indian man. The sex was lame to be honest. It really reminded me why I don't have one night stands. Though is probably wasn't all that fantastic because I was more interested in hooking up with his friend. I will travel to New Orleans again. I won't be staying in a hotel on Bourbon street though. Talk about loud! There was a jazz band performing and some guy singing Amazing Grace over and over again in the wee hours of the morning right on the street outside the hotel.

I recently blocked a guy on my Twitter for asking me if my brother watched my videos. He had been aggravating me by his bombardment of uber sexual Tweets. I understand that I am naked, masturbating and sometimes having sex on camera but having someone send me Tweets multiple times a day telling me in graphic detail sexual acts he wants to perform on me, not to mention telling me that he loves me and that I am his wife (and sometimes his girlfriend), and that he would get me pregnant can get old incredibly fast. So after reading his Tweet about my brother watching my videos I had finally had enough and blocked him. Surprisingly (not) he created a new Twitter account and followed me again asking me to forgive him. Last month I made a video log discussing how I needed my privacy and how certain things were off limits to my fans. I put so much of my life out there (more than a lot of porn girls do) and it sometimes seems like people just want to push for more. Having fans ask me for photos of my family is just wrong. Having fans ask for my phone number and real name is also not acceptable. Some of them don't understand that I need a part of my life that isn't "exposed" to my fans. I feel like some fans just want to take, take, take. They constantly ask me to post photos on Twitter (I can guarantee you the guys that constantly ask for free photos are not members of my website). They go in uber Tweet mode when they see that I haven't been Tweeting for over 24 hours even when I've told them that I'm on vacation or going into surgery and would be recovering for a while. I've also been getting comments about the male talent I've been using. My first IR (interracial) scene wasn't a "real" IR scene according to one of my fans because the male talent wasn't black enough for him (the male talent was Puerto Rican and African American...and also shorter and smaller in body stature than I was). Last time I recalled interracial includes having sex with any guy that is not of your race. There have also been comments about my male talent being too hairy, their **** not being big enough or not liking that the talent is circumsized. It amazes me that guys are so focused on my male talent when they are supposed to be focused on me. I suppose I shouldn't be complaining about this though. I have fans...some are wonderful, some not so much. There are people who will complain about every little thing they can. At least the complaints aren't about me haha.

I signed up for a website that allows you to create and keep track of your bucket list. It also allows you to view other members bucket lists. I've been wanting to create a bucket list for the longest time. I also created a list of things I had completed already (like traveling to New Zealand and sky diving). Writing out the list of things I've done really made me recognize how lucky I've been. I've been fortunate enough to have the time and money (or boyfriends/friends with money) that allows me to experience amazing some amazing things. I've been having a very fun time creating a list of what I would like to do. I've already contacted businesses about taking cello lessons, taking krav maga lessons and attending a blacksmith workshop (which I will be doing in May).
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