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Feb. 28, 2013
This month has been fairly hectic and a bit stressful. At the beginning of the month I had oral surgery for a bone grafting. The surgery went well though I did pass out when the IV was put into me and was incredibly sick after I woke up from surgery (from the anesthesia). Unfortunately I wasn't able to leave the hospital until about 3pm (I had been there since 5:30am). I did feel quite bad for my mother as she had to wait there the whole time. The hospital that I had my surgery in requires you to urinate after you've had surgery before you can leave. I'm sure you can imagine how difficult that is since I could barely keep my eyes open and didn't have anything to drink for over twelve hours (you fast starting at midnight the night before surgery though I started at 9:30pm or so). I was incredibly happy once I finally got home and think I slept for a full 24 hours straight. My brother was kind enough to stay at my home and take care of me while I was recovering. He did a very good job which I was fairly suprised about since a couple times in the past year he has shown that he can be a bit irresponsible. Fortunately I didn't experience any pain other than when I first woke up from surgery (though I've had oral surgery twice before and don't remember being in pain from either of those surgeries). It was a bit uncomfortable at times but I was given a prescription for Vicodin for any pain I experienced. They took bone out of the bottom right side of my jaw so for a while I wasn't able to lay on that side. The swelling was horiffic to say the least. I was tempted to take a photo for future reference but was scared of that photo somehow finding it's way to the internet. My cheeks were ballooned out like a chipmunk as was the area around the bottom of my nose. My top lip was about three times the size it normally is. Needless to say I didn't show my face in public until most of the facial swelling had gone down. I did have to go on a liquid/pureed food diet. I was not told how long I was supposed to stay on that diet so about five days after the surgery I started eating soft foods (chicken and pasta mainly). I got a talking down to from my mom because of that. Apparently I wasn't supposed to eat anything other than liquid and pureed foods for two weeks. I mentioned to her that she had probably told me that when I was drugged up after the surgery and that of course I wouldn't be able to remember anything told to me.

I had two trips planned for this month. Unfortunately both of them had to be cancelled due to the surgery. I was a bit optimistic when planning my oral surgery six days before my trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras (my brother's 21st birthday present from me). Granted the surgery was supposed to have taken place last month but due to insurance changes it was switched to February. Luckily we were able to switch the flights and hotel room to dates in March. My brother and I talked about it and decided it was probably a good idea anyways to not go during Mardi Gras as everything would be incredibly packed. Two weeks after the surgery I had a follow up appointment so the doctor could see how everything was healing. I did receive some bad news (well it was bad for the time being but good in the long run) that made me end up cancelling my trip to New York City (I was flying out that night). I really disapointed my girlfriend Hailey because of this decision. We were going to NYC for a self growth conference that took place over the weekend. She was tremedously excited because one of our favorite authors Louis Hay was speaking during the convention. I suggested she not miss the opportunity to see her speaking live and just go by herself (which to be fair to her is not that much fun if you are by yourself). Fortunately I was able to switch my tickets for the conference in February to the conference in NYC in October. I also can't help remembering the fact that the conference was supposed to have took place in November but had to be postponed due to the hurricane Sandy.

I did one shoot this month. As I had already shot my solo scenes (two videos and two photo sets) I only had my hardcore scene/photo set to shoot to complete the month's updates. The hardcore scene I put up this month is my 30th hardcore scene ever. I decided to hire professional male talent as all of the male talent I have used on my website have been amateurs. Though is more expensive to hire male talent it is totally worth it in my opinion. The shoot went very well though I'm a bit bummed I wasn't able to use my football pasties since they hadn't arrived by the shoot date. We decided on doing a facial ending. I love having a guy cum on my face (or any other part of my body)...I don't like having that cum in my mouth. I've done two or three cum in mouth scenes and haven't particularly cared for any of them. It's amusing because I have no problem with doing a gangbang, double penetration or even triple penetration (none of which I've actually done before...unfortunately) but when it comes to having a guy cum in my mouth I have to mentally prepare myself for it. I guess this freak has her limitations. I do need to learn to keep my mouth open during facial scenes because it looks a bit silly having my mouth closed while waiting for or receiving a facial. At least I'm not one of those girls who backs away at the last second when receiving a facial.

I'm in the second round of the Miss Freeones contest. You can continue voting for me everyday until the next round (and if I make it to the next round continue voting for me then).
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