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Jan. 23, 2013
I'm sure at some point I've written what I plan on shooting (ie anal, b/b/g, etc.). I've been thinking about it often recently. I only shoot three "special" scenes a year (last year was a b/g/g scene, an anal scene and my first interracial scene). I would like to shoot another interracial scene this year preferably with a bbc. I will most likely end of shooting another anal sex scene as one of my special updates. I was thinking about making the other special update a b/b/g scene.

I also plan on shooting these updates
  • B/B/G/G
  • Anal fisting
  • Simultaneous vag and anal fisting
  • Blowbang
  • IR B/B/G
  • IR with another girl
  • DP
  • DAP
  • DVP
  • G/G/G
  • G/G/G/G
  • Tranny sex

At some point in the far future I will shoot a gangbang scene. I better start saving my money now for it since it's going to be quite expensive . I would love to shoot a scene with two bisexual guys but I imagine that a lot of my members would not be pleased about that. I haven't shot a bdsm scene in a while which I've been wanting to do. I need to find a female dom or a male dom that has the equipment needed for a scene and a facility to shoot in. I know of one female dominatrix that will shoot but she doesn't do g/g...only dom work. I wonder if that would bother members if I shot a bdsm scene that didn't include sex of any sort?

My ultimate goal would be a dvda scene (double vag, double anal). I'm not even sure if it is physically possible. I've been going over positions for it in my doesn't seem like an easy thing to do at all.

The "Shoot with Danielle" contest will start on the first of February and will last until the end of February.

My oral surgery is scheduled for the first of February. I'm leaving on the 6th for New Orleans and will be there until the 13th. On the 14th I leave for NYC and will be back on the 21st. I'm not sure when my second oral surgery will take place. I imagine it will be sometime in the middle of March.

Here are some photos from the AVN red carpet. BTW the guy in the photo is not my boyfriend. He is an industry friend that owns

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