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Dec. 22, 2012
I want to make some changes to my website. The webcam archive page needs to be changed to something more up to date that can play the newest higher definition webcam videos better. I also want to add a category page or search engine on the site so that people can view the updates by what they want to see (ie panty stuffing, hardcore, etc.). I need to add video streaming and .mp4 video format. A "sharing" button (to post on social media sites) would be nice to have as well. There is not mobile version of my website so I will need to have that created. I noticed that Allison Angel's website was newly updated with all these things so I'm hoping that FTVRob has that in store for my website as well. Perhaps you guys will have to ask FTVRob about that as I haven't talked to him in a long while and am not sure if he plans on implementing the same changes to my website. I'm not sure why he wouldn't though since my website is under the "FTV banner".

So this is the first day in a long while were I've had absolutely nothing that needs to get done. I spent the day screwing around on my computer, reading, bathing, playing with Love Bug and Isis and sleeping. That is my idea of a perfect day...well actually that isn't true. My idea of a perfect day would also include sex at some point...maybe multiple times. I should probably include sex that leads to multiple orgasms for me. So that is my perfect day...reading, baths, Love Bug and Isis cuddle time, computer time and multiple orgasms from sex, sex, sex.

To be honest I think I'm a bit sex deprived. The only time I have sex is for work. I only shoot once a month so I think you can understand why I'm sex deprived. Bianca ( know her as Hailey on here) and I were in LA this month. She has a guy friend that comes over when we visit LA and of course I always hear them having sex (Bianca can get a bit loud sometimes). I ended up masturbating listening to them have sex (thinking about my crush as well...not going to tell you who it have to guess ). At one point I was tempted to join them (unfortunately I wimped out and didn't).

I was in LA twice this month. Once was for a spiritual retreat. We started off in Palm Springs and went to LA once the retreat was done. The second time was for an adult industry Christmas party that LATATA held. Since it was my first industry party in LA I was really wanting to make a good impression. I had new business cards made. I bought about four red dresses (red is an attention grabbing color...and it's a seasonal color), shoes, evening purses and jewelry to match. I had to have Bianca help me pick out which dress to wear since I had brought so many with me. We also both got our hair done (it ended up "falling" 10 minutes after leaving the salon). I did put up makeup on which I didn't care for at all. I've realized that I really prefer being makeup free. I feel that makeup actually diminishes my beauty.

As we got there (it was held at a hookah bar that looked like a mix between a bar, club and restaurant) and tried to figure out where the parking was I started feeling incredibly nervous. I had Bianca get into the driver's seat since I was in a panic. We got to the door where several guys were standing. We did get questioned..."who are you here with?", "what agency are you with?", "you know what this party is for, right?" which got me into more of a panic. I ended up texting the woman who invited me to the party to tell her that Bianca and I were outside. We sat in the LA Direct Models section for the whole night. During the party I met Marie McCray, Aaliyah Avatari, Teal Conrad, Raven Rockette, Lilly Banks, and several other people. I did see several male talent (Ben English, Tommy Gunn, Ryan Driller and Xander Corvus) that I've been wanting to have sex with...they are just as hot in person as they are in video. Silly Bianca left her business cards at the hotel. I forgot to even pass my out. Several girls lost their purse. It was a bit amusing watching people wander about trying to locate them. I saw Taylor Wane, Max Hardcore, Dani Daniels but didn't speak to them. I think that Rick Garcia (Twitter @industrybyrick) took several photos that include me in them but I have yet to find them online. At some point Mary McCray and Aaliyah Avatari were making out passionately right beside me. I wanted to join them and I'm sure they wouldn't have minded. Not sure why I didn't.

I am going to be in LA again for New Years Eve. Here is the dress I bought for NYE...

I'm heading to Bianca's house tomorrow to go shopping for jewelry to go with my New Years dress. She's also going to help me wrap my Christmas presents. I have three boxes I still need to send out (one of which is going overseas).

Carter is sick with the flu which is awful since I was just with him last night. Bianca, her two kids, my parents, little brother, Carter and I went to Zoo Lights last night. I was giving him kisses and hugs so I was probably exposed to the flu. I don't feel sick and have been taking vitamins that strengthen my immune system so I am praying that I don't get anything. My family and I also went to see The Hobbit. That was the second time I've seen the movie. I have a huge crush on the dwarf prince. I bought quite a few songs from the soundtrack including Misty Mountain. I've listened to that song over 70 times since I bought it (which I think was about a week ago).

I had to buy a new CPU. The CPU FTVRob gave me to use for editing failed. It would freeze about 5 minutes after starting up and I would have to do a hard shut down. The computer guy I used said that it had two harddrives in it and that I would have to replace both of them. He advised against it and suggested I buy a new computer since it would also be a lot faster than the one I was using. I'm pretty happy with the new computer though I do have to learn how to use Windows 8 since I've only used Vista. Pretty soon I am going to have to buy a new laptop. My laptop is running very slow and has frozen once or twice. I was looking at buy a Dell XPS 15 laptop with a solid state drive in it.
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