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Sept. 13, 2012
So last night was car was broken into (note to self, always lock the door). My GPS, radar detector (don't ask ), Juicy Couture sunglasses (my dad bought me), a huge case of cd's (several of them have tremendous sentimental value to me), and several packages I picked had picked up earlier from my mail box, which included spearmint dog wipes (hope the person has a dog), Clarisonic brush head replacements (guess they are going to have to shell out for the $170 brush) and a present for a friend (that is the one that really sucks).

My girlfriends Theresa and Candice were there to help me through this. Candice brought up something interesting. She told me that maybe it was time to get rid of all that stuff that was keeping me in the past. I thought about that a lot last night while I was wallowing in my grief and self pity for having my stuff stolen for the second time ever. At some point I realized how true Candice's statement was, that this is the Universe telling me to declutter my life and get rid of things that no longer serve me. I'm doing that in my emotional/mental life. Why am I not doing it in my physical life?

I am taking this as a dare from the Universe. It's time for me to start disconnecting from and getting rid of physical things that serve no purpose for me anymore (if it did at all). Goodwill is going to have a field day when they see all the random stuff I am going to be donating to them (Candice and Theresa get first pick though ).
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