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May 8, 2012
Only fifty-five minutes until my feature webcam show on Chaturbate. I'm kind of nervous about it as it will be my first time ever doing a webcam show for another website. Fortunately CK1 and Anoree are going to be my moderators for the show so I know they will take care of things in the chat room. Now I just have to make sure the show is entertaining.

Continued 10:16pm...
The show was a success. I had a blast and made a ton of tips. I had multiple orgasms, did a dildo ride, a stocking stuffing, panty stuffing, boob massage, vajayjay/butt spreads, boobie/booty dance, triple penetration, a cucumber stuffing, a fashion show, and an attempted fist (it was pretty darn close but my hand would not bend all the way in). Thank you Anoree for making the show run so smoothly (and for all the tokens). I also wanted to thank okieviper, shandor19, uberbull, cuffs4u1, alltomuch, thefootluver, johnyleerock, caedus311, lightweight, bustyjules, scrappydlover, vpm4, jonathanphat, stanleyfrank, letmehaveit, hairyman1, planetarygear, fedreal66, dubsaves, huskersaz, dubsaves, lucmee, david_silva, dannychia, kingdinagling504, glbvox, hipster21, bigphil, brwarren123, summertimefunman, diggity366, and seefield3 (hopefully I didn't forget anyone else) for the tokens.
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