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May 4, 2012
One of my friends (she's a webmaster) asked me to do a cam show for her site Chaturbate. I will be doing an hour show (at least...depends on tips) on Tuesday, May 8th from 7-8pm. This will probably be the only cam show I do outside of my be sure to check it out. I've been researching cam shows and different ideas on how to make it fun. Since I've never worked for a cam site before I really had/have no idea how the girls make tips. I know some of you have seen cam shows before so if you could give me so helpful tips on how to lol...I would really appreciate it. I will also need two if any of you join the show please tell me if you would be willing to be a mod for me.

One goal I will have in place during the show is to reach 2000 tokens. If I can do that I will extend the show another 30 minutes.

My mom sent me an email today about the Phoenix Comic Con. I've never been to the Comic Con here (actually the only one I've been to was in Albaqurque, NM). I made a list of all the panels and events I would like to attend. It seems like Saturday will be the busiest day for me there. I'm pretty excited about it. My mom is too since she is planning on meeting William Shatner lol.

My tattoo removal appointment went better than it has before. Before it I took 3 ibuprofen (versus the two I normally take) and slathered both tattoos with my numbing cream before covering them with plastic wrap (it helps the cream soak in instead of getting dried up or rubbed off). At one point I did get pretty faint and had to ask the doctor to stop the laser treatment for a couple minutes but fortunately I did not pass out this time. The bruising and blistering was pretty bad compared to before but apparently the doctor used a stronger laser frequency on me. I will be taking pictures of it once the bruising has disappeared.

Continued 8:03 PM...
So I've been thinking about tip goals I want to reach during the webcam show on Chaturbate.

When I reach...
250 tokens I will get topless
500 tokens I will get naked
750 tokens I will do a breast massage
1000 tokens I will do a fashion show (biggest tipper chooses if it's costumes or dresses)
1250 vajayjay and butt spreads
1500 tokens I will do a panty stuffing (biggest tipper between 1000 and 1500 tokens chooses type of panties to stuff)
1750 tokens I will do a masturbation to orgasm
2000 tokens I will do extend my show 30 minutes
2500 tokens I will do another masturbation to orgasm
2750 tokens I will do a dildo ride
3000 tokens I will do anal play (biggest tipper between 1500 and 3000 chooses anal toy)
3250 tokens I will do a triple penetration (two in the vajayjay, one in the butt or three in the vajayjay)
3500 tokens I will do another masturbation to orgasm
4000 tokens I will extend my show 30 minutes
5000 tokens I will attempt to fist myself
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