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Apr. 5, 2012 I was just updating the Update Listings thread with the newest video update. The title of the update is P U S S Y Playdate (there are no spaces in between the letters in the first word btw) but when I would try to spell P U S S Y it would change it ***** Playdate. I think it's hysterical that this is a porn forum yet I can't use the "P" word.

Tomorrow I will be taking my sister to get our nails done. She is in town until the 16th (she's visiting from New Hampshire). I definitely want to spoil her while she is here since I haven't seen her in...over a year I think. On Monday I will be taking my brother and sister to get a two hour massage. My brother was joking around asking if he was going to get a happy ending with it (awkward lol).

I am shooting on Saturday. I have this beautiful brunette wig that I plan on wearing for the whole shoot. I am so incredibly excited to see how the video and pictures turn out from it. I'm not quite sure what I will be shooting. Probably two videos and two photos in public...most likely masturbation scenes. I'm not going to be able to shoot my Easter scene until the 14th since James is busy this weekend. That will also be my hardcore scene for the month.

I recently went to LA with my best friend Theresa. We didn't do too much while we were there...just went shopping (the farmers market there is awesome), went to see The Hunger Games, went to the spa (we got massages and body scrubs), and one night we went out to a club (I think it was called Play House). I took Love Bug with me while Isis stayed at home. Both of them did very well considering it was Love Bug's first time traveling on an airplane and it was Isis' first time being completely alone for an extended period of time. I was a bit aggravated that the airlines charge you to take your pet on the flight ($75 one way) and the pet carrier counts as your carry on. So not only did I have to pay $150 to bring Love Bug with me...I wasn't even allowed an extra carryon. I always bring my laptop with me but had to pack it in my suitcase since I could only bring a "personal item" (my purse). I was incredibly concerned about it getting stolen or broken but fortunately neither happened.
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