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Jan. 24, 2011
Oh my Lord! I just got a laser tattoo removal session done on my back tattoo. I went to this new place (Delete Tattoo). The doctor who does the procedure is awesome. They have local anesthetic as an add on option which I was thrilled about since the last time I had my back tattoo laser removal session done I had to walk out of the middle of it since it was so painful. The doctor went to inject the anesthetic into my back and sometime during the second injection I passed out. I came to completely and confused and I was shaking like crazy (I thought I was having a seizure but the doctor said I was only shaking a bit). I spent a few minutes recovering and the doctor started the laser removal. Boy, oh, boy does it hurt when there is absolutely no anesthetic on it (I would normally have at least topical anesthetic on the tattoo). She would do five little laser "dots" and stop, let me breathe and start again. I was actually kind of embarrassed at how difficult it was. The doctor was absolutely sweet and completely understanding.

I told my mom and it and she demanded that I make an appointment to see my internal medicine doctor. I actually think that's a pretty good idea since for the past week or so I've had occasions were I've felt really faint. I'm really hoping that nothing is wrong.

I also wanted to say thank you to everyone who has written a user review on me on Rabbit's Reviews. I really appreciate how supportive and loving you guys are. It absolutely made my day to read all the incredibly sweet comments you guys had. I also really appreciate the fact that you guys wrote pros and cons rather than just writing a bunch of positive stuff (nothing wrong with that though ).
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