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Jan. 23, 2012
I need some help from you guys. I recently took a look at my review on Rabbit's Reviews. I'm pretty surprised at how low my score (72/100) was...especially comparing my site to the other solo models websites that were rated higher than mine. What's even more surprising is that FTVGirls got rated 75/100. I think that's the lowest rating I've seen for them in any review site. Anyways I'm not concerned about the score I got. What I am concerned about is the absolutely horrible, mean user comments "six" people wrote about me. I truly have never read such hateful comments about me before. I'm fairly positive that the Dave guy has written the same comments about me on Freeones...but Freeones was kind enough to have the comments taken down.

When you fill out the user comments it says to "please include a pro and con about the site". Not one of the users followed that.

I contacted the Rabbit's Review people asking them to take down the comments since they are not productive at all (no pro and con) and instead are just incredibly derogatory. Here's the reply I got:

"This is MIke from Rabbit's Reviews, replying to your email. First, I want to apologize for anything you read on our site that caused you to become upset. While the nature of the business is to put yourself out there, no one likes to see negative feedback that isn't constructive in any way.

While I understand your frustration and disappointment at some of the comments left by readers, our policy is not to delete a comment unless it's spam, racist, or attcks of a personal nature (example: "We live down the road from (model name) and we know she beats her kids..." ).

While the comments left are negative, it is ultimately their opinion. The "pro/con" section is a suggestion to readers, but it isn't mandatory for their comments to be posted.

I would to suggest the best way to counteract that is to get some of your fans to leave comments to drown out those negattive ones left behind. There are also many sponsors and performers that we work with who take to the comments section to defend any accusations made against their site or just to thank those who left more positive comments.

The comments section is for readers and site producers to come together and have a conversation about the site and the review. The intention behind it is to be positive and strengthen our community. Sometimes, those conversations aren't helpful, insigtful or productive. It is unfortunate, but it is an byproduct of the system."

So I will take Mike's advice and ask for you guys to leave some positive comments (pros and cons included) to flood out the negative comments that are currently on there.

BTW...I'm pretty sure I didn't tell people to f@ck off if they didn't like the fact that I was going to do hardcore. If I did I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me so.

I'm not going to lie and say it didn't affect me. It did. I bawled my eyes out when I read the comments. Congrats to the a$$holes who wrote them. I hope they feel some measure of happiness degrading me. I'm sure that their lives are absolutely amazing now that they've told the world how they feel about my site and me.

But then again I have at least six hundred members who say that they like me well enough to be a member of my website. I'm sure that AVN nominated me for an AVN award because they felt bad for my "butter face" or the fact that I look like I have Down's Sydrome (btw I highly doubt the guy who wrote that has Down Sydrome...I've never heard of someone having D.S. being spiteful like that). TheBestPorn must have rated me in their top twenty-five out of 3,098 individual model sites because they felt sorry about my "crap videos".
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