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Dec. 16, 2011
Well I don't think the anal sex video is going to be up today. I went to make the screen shots for the video and found out that the video was completely screwed up (about 6 minutes of it is frozen video). I edited out all the frozen parts of the video but I'm not at all happy with it (there's only about 2-3 minutes of anal sex since I had to edit out all the frozen parts). I'm going to pick up the original files from my photographer so let's pray that it isn't corrupted too. The photographer thinks my computers may not be powerful enough to support editing the videos since we were using a super HD video camera (the first time we've ever used it). If that's the case then I will have to see if FTVRob will let me use his computer to edit the video.

Worse case scenario...if the original files are corrupted then I will put up the short, edited version anyways and will shoot a candid anal scene tonight or tomorrow and put it up ASAP. I'm just really iffy about that because I shot a BDSM fem dom scene on Monday and my back and butt are all bruised up (though it's mostly my butt). If I do shoot it I will have to cover the bruises up with Dermablend...hopefully that will work.

I don't know why I didn't completely edit the video (make the screen shots and the coverpage) until the day it was due. I've never had to deal with something like this before and it really sucks that it had to happen to my big update of the year. I feel like an a$$ too because I've been promoting this update for a while now. I knew we shouldn't have used that camera too. The photographer asked me if I wanted to use the one we had been using or the new HD one that FTVRob uses.

Continued 5:32 PM

I think it's my computer that is the issue. It is playing the files I got from my photographer perfectly fine. It's only when I'm editing it or when the video is processed that I start having problems. Well that sucks. Hopefully he can resend me the videos in something other than super HD.
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