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Sept. 12, 2010
I am about 90% sure that this will be my costume for this Halloween. I will be going as Queen Anne Boleyn (but with my head.) If I do decide to go as Queen Anne I will have to order the costume within the next few days since it's all custom made and will take about a month to make. I'm pretty excited about it though and think that it will definitely be the most extravagant costume at whatever party I attend. Speaking of Halloween parties...I'm probably going to stay here for Halloween since I will be traveling two of the other weekends in the month of October. I will be going to Big Bear, CA for Oktoberfest again like I did last year with all my friends. The cabin we are renting is even nicer than the one we got last year. It has a jacuzzi in the back which I'm sure we will end up using (though if it's anything like last year it will be super cold.) I will also be attending Monster Massive in LA for the first time ever. I'm trying to get my friends to dress up as Final Fantasy characters since I have the Yuna costume from Final Fantasy 12 (at least I think it's 12.) My friend Andrew is down to do a FF theme and Dallas seems okay with it to as long as I can find something "slutty" for her to wear (and yes she did request her costume be slutty.)

Love Bug got spayed on Thursday. She is doing very well. She hasn't been messing with her stitches at all which makes me pretty happy though I do keep the Elizabethan collar on her when I'm not at home. She does not seem to like the collar at all though after the first 5 minutes of wearing it she didn't try to take it off.

I also received my purple/black furry boot covers, fingerless fishnet gloves, furry black choker, and glittery purple/black bracelets for my Nocturnal costume. Instead of buying a shirt like I thought I would have to I found a sexy black almost gothic looking shirt that I've had for years now and have never worn. It will work perfectly though it covers everything in the front (it has a very high neckline...up to my throat). The back is connected by straps so I will have to tighten it somehow...probably with safety pins. Overall it will be a lot "darker" look than I normally go for...but it will work.

The boot covers...there are three colors (light purple, dark purple and black) but the dark purple and black seem to blend together in this picture.

The fairy wings I got for mother, like daughter. She loves them to and didn't once try to take them off.
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