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  1. RonTheLogician
    07-28-2018 10:04 PM
    Guten Tag, Anoree. When I ran across a film recently, I thought of you because of your work with computers.

    Everybody has heard of "watching porn," but how many people have heard about "porning a watch"?

    Advance to the 11-minute mark in the YouTube video here and enjoy. Who says the 18th century was backward?

    Maybe Danielle can do a video in which she dresses as a naughty, increasingly naked, cuckoo-clock bird? (This sounds like a natural for Chromakey tech.) For inspiration, have her listen to the suggestive song here!
  2. ardengarage916
    04-28-2018 08:01 AM
    i know my written is suck, i am so sorry cuz i am deaf. lol
  3. ardengarage916
    04-28-2018 07:59 AM
    oh k....honest i have alot message from email...first time i was dk who danielle, danielle and i was start talk about everything about 2 or 3 month later and found out she in porn than i feel werid somethings.....i was looked find real danielle about 1 month and now i found u and asked u cuz i looked ur profile u know her...that why i asked u make sure danielle have real name is diana kumi and she email is s.portia765@gmail.com she live in ghana....now i understane wat happend someone (scam) use stole danielle photos and videos cam too......i know danielle is real and she not scam....someone scam on me....it suck for me someone made waste my time and money too......but i want say thank u for tell me and i found u ...
  4. ardengarage916
    04-28-2018 12:39 AM
    wat that mean "i am the one who read the messages"?
  5. ardengarage916
    04-27-2018 10:50 AM
    i want know what u mean " if i HAVE sent that person somethings?"? honest tellu i was trying find where real danielle for make sure check, i think 3 or 4 month i was keep look find as i did talk 15 or 20 diff danielle social medica ( it
    scam) than now i found that real.....so i found out who the one same person use all scam..i just want let u know that all and i will doing message file in a case of Internet fraud at my local police.....
  6. ardengarage916
    04-27-2018 10:24 AM
    k now i know that happened to me and i guess i go delect all pic and video with cam......k thank u for tell me...nice meet to u, anoree
  7. ardengarage916
    04-26-2018 12:10 PM
    hey anoree, im bradley and deaf...do i can ask u few question? please... i want know make sure which real or scam on me? do danielle have real name is diana kumi? cuz i not understane and make me mix which real...please let me know asap thank u
  8. danielle_ftv
    12-19-2017 07:31 PM
    Thanks for deleting those messages. My gawd he was a crazy one lol. Thanks for helping with that. You don't have to delete his other posts if you don't want to. Maybe people will see those and get an inkling of the crazies I have to deal with occasionally
  9. Clresponses
    12-02-2017 06:23 PM
    Isn't it truly amazing how some people think they are all that - "Anoree"? Whose tweets or messages get seen or not? Let Danielle tweet or message herself as to my fate. I have done or said nothing that she would find offensive or alarming.
  10. Liplicker696
    10-15-2017 04:03 AM
    Well I'm sure I'm now. Talking to the correct Danielle after all I have talked to all even one Daton, texas. I know she has told u about me and vise- versa .
    So anyway lighten up had a shot . Besides I know you would not piss her off with intent
    Also I wander ail to real or u the real deal ?

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