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  1. geolarson2
    10-02-2008 12:33 AM
    I agree, whole-heartedly, although I might say "piss off" instead . As much as you have my support, I am grateful to have yours, too, Ms D, and I mean that most sincerely. And not only you, but Lia and every other woman who follows her heart. My own family background is heavy on conservative, very Puritanical, theology. I have to watch what I say, or just nod dumbly sometimes just to get through without causing a ruckus, particularly with my grandpa. Strictly speaking, I don't fit into any pre-formed mold theologically or politically (speaking of which, I was just a couple hundred yards away from Barack yesterday, and will be just about as close to John tomorrow and about the same again from George on the 3rd--weird, but cool, because I get phone calls, letters & emails inviting me to the rallies because this is a purple state and I'm registered non-partisan--but I'm not saying who I'll vote for; I love voting!). I'd just read your interviews, right after going to MySpace and reading another friend's blog and left a response there. (There are times when I'm afraid I over-think then over-write too much and bury the lead in all the flourishes and rationalizations ...). Anyway, sum total is I'm proud (I hate that word, but I can't think of one that carries the same meaning) of what you do because it is right for you because its where your heart is. Follow your dreams, Danielle, because stuffing them down is what really sucks! Anyway, don't forget--no eating after 8, lots of water, ease off the caffeine round about now, get a good night's sleep and so on and on and on ... crap--there goes another poor, poor little libido! Clean up on Aisle 11! (I'm going to run that joke into the ground fast, aren't I? I can;'t help it--I can't drive it in, because I gave up my license!).
  2. ftvlover
    10-01-2008 09:59 PM
    Danielle... I have just downloaded your video from FTV and my first impression was wowwwwwwwww
    what a fantastic figure you have, all the best in your new venture.
  3. geolarson2
    10-01-2008 05:49 PM
    I was wondering when it was going to happen. I'd checked several times in the past couple weeks. I bit my nails half in anticipation, half in dread (Club Dread--funny!). And then it happened. Today. A few minutes ago. It gritted my teeth. I checked my heart rate. I drank some tea (warm, straight). I checked Goggle to find out if my username had cropped up in association with Danielle FTV. Today, at about 10:35, I got my answer: it did. Now, topping the page above my poetry, my genealogy and so on, there it was. Kinda cool, I think. Now I've been outed as the pervee regular guy that I am, I guess, liking to look at pretty women in their all-together and what-nots and so on ...that's what I get using the same username just about everywhere--at least i change my password from site to site and rotate them. I've been on/off since 8-something this morning and so far I'd say you're a hit, based on the number of new names appearing. Really, really cool! !!!!! One thing though--can someone please clean up these poor libidos? This place is getting all gooey (eeeew!).
  4. geolarson2
    10-01-2008 03:43 PM
    You know, I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't make you laugh. See, even though I can't hear it, I sense it through the force (look out behind you Obi-wan! ...never mind). In truth, and like I said, I love your laughs & giggles. For that matter, I love laughing myself, so I'll join you in a good, hearty guffaw! Har-har-har, me matey! Aarrgh! (Sorry, I think I channeled Captnjack there.) I am sorry about one thing, though--all those poor little libidos didn't stand a chance ...poor little guys (). Have a great day, eat a good breakfast and have fun!
  5. ugo
    10-01-2008 09:45 AM
    Oh, Danielle, You are good!! What I could make for you, to do the men to understand better.

    (I hope that you understand me)

    In my life, I have seen different women between my family and the people of out road. I have always had a good eye for the women. I respected her everybody. I always had my sweet smile. But I was also (and I am still) timid. What it means my great respect for the women. I don't have that thing to fix on her "sexual woman", because you want to misuse her for only purposes of sexual pleasures. Sex is beautiful solo if the woman that you have is available to do him of her desire and of gratification.
    Or what we have to always be right, and convinced to be the best of our earth that we live. When we mistake everybody instead.
    We cannot do of our head think her that the woman always says yes to our sexual outlets. It needs to be also of the true men, good and romantic. And to understand the characters of the woman. The woman can love us men (with whatever character that can have), but she always wants love and respect from us.
    Certainly, the women can also be wrong. But they are of the different creatures from the strong and hard man.

    However, I am a man been born under the good star of the sweet romanticism. And I thank the teachings of my good parents. But also my love toward the faith in God.

    Only my personal opinion. I am not bothering anybody. But you meditate, men on your women.
  6. geolarson2
    10-01-2008 02:34 AM
    Nearly forgot--don't eat after 8, get lots of sleep, drink plenty of water (or tea--iced, with a twist--Jas Bond's new drink!). Have a good night and a great day tomorrow. OMG! Look out! Libidos are flying all over the place! Oh, the humanity ...!
  7. geolarson2
    10-01-2008 01:19 AM
    OOOOh, tomorrow's the big day, just a couple hours away! I feel like Robin Williams' libido now! Will you hear a big Roaaaar! or a sneaky Heeheeheee! Seriously, I'm not sure if you'll be too wound up to sleep or will be so tired that you can't help but nod off. Either way, Ms Danielle, here's to you! Cheers !!!!
  8. Ryan
    09-30-2008 10:54 PM
    Hey, Danielle. Oh, no hurry - it's just for my lil' hobby site. Thanks for the update, though!
  9. geolarson2
    09-30-2008 06:48 PM
    You're jivin' me ...a hyena? Sibling rivalry, that's what it is. Seriously, remember when I was having trouble with the audio on my PC and couldn't hear anything, and you said all I was missing were moans and groans? I meant it then, and I mean it now, I love voices, and you have a lovely voice and a great bubbly giggle that in all honesty make me smile big-time. I love laughs, guffaws, twitters, giggles and so on--I love the spontaneity! In all seriousness, and I know I'm not alone here, you do have a fantastically fun laugh, Danielle. Heck, I'm smirking here now thinking about it (Aw, golly gee shucks ... ). I noticed that Ryan had provided you with a website with info on your problem (wish I'd thought of that), and saw you were taking care of things which is really good. And, since I can't go without dropping one more ***-bit of trivia, here's what I have today: James Dole was an 8th cousin 2x removed of Sherwood Noble, co-founder of Dairy Queen (Noble provided the first restaurants, his co-founder provided the method of making soft-serve ice cream). Noble is also an 8th cousin 2x of the current owner of DQ, Warren Buffett (my Mom works for one of his companies, and my brother met and had his photo taken with him). And just to take it full circle, Buffett is a 6th cousin 3x of James Dole. That's all for today--by the time I was done last night my eyes were so tired that my vision was like looking through smoke or fog. Maybe tomorrow I'll have some Alamo kinships for you (since your family's in TX now). For now, I have to finish transcribing my data on Ernest Thomspon (who wrote On Golden Pond--appropriate since I'm a bit of a loon, or maybe just looney), then I want to figure out how to create some FTVGirl threads, per Rob's suggestion. Hope you have a great day, Danielle! !!!
  10. ugo
    09-30-2008 11:28 AM
    I am sorry, friend Danielle that are found with a violent boy. You have all of my compassion of support.
    The men don't have to hate the woman! Is a creature of God!!

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