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  1. Ryan
    09-20-2008 01:00 PM
    I really liked "Iron Man," too. It was everything a great (comic book) movie should be. I thought "The Dark Knight" was pretty good, although to me it ran too long and I feel like... Heath Ledger's Joker was the only villain needed in the movie - Two-Face was too much (ha ha).

    Anyway, I hope the situation with this character you, Rob, and others are dealing with is either resolved or goes away soon - life's way too short to be dealing with this kind of nonsense.
  2. Ryan
    09-20-2008 04:49 AM
    Well, despite me being a big fan of superheroes in general, Danielle (I was an avid comic book collector in the '90s, now I just watch related TV shows and movies), I really haven't had the chance to see much of "Heroes" because there are two other shows I like that come on at the same time: Fox's "Prison Break" and "24." I do watch "Smallville," though! And, uh... ahem, "Power Rangers."

    Have you, by chance, seen "Iron Man" and/or "The Dark Knight"?
  3. geolarson2
    09-19-2008 11:43 PM
    Back yet again (I've been on/off all day for a couple sec's each time--hectic, so hectic I thought today was Thurs, not Fri). Anyway, the video was really nice. I know I said it comes in #3, but nothing comes ahead of my nieces, so if you want to look at it another way, yours is #1 because it was a surprise to me that you'd take the time (I am very flattered BTW--Ha! Just figured out what that means the other day). Everything else is more "obligatory," this wasn't so a really big thank you, Danielle. You gave me a big smile (and made me blush, too!)
  4. geolarson2
    09-19-2008 10:01 PM
    Thanks most kindly for the cute video, Danielle. Its one of the best presents I got today--#3, right behind watching Scooby with my little niece all morning and getting a big hug from my elder niece. Cheers to you!
  5. geolarson2
    09-19-2008 08:56 PM
    Aye, it is, thanks for asking. I did get an email from Chris earlier, too, which was pretty cool, and an email from that relative in the UK, the genealogist, too. So far, I've spent the day with my little niece watching Scooby-Doo. My other niece is in school until 4, and after that I expect I'll be helping her with her math, if she needs it (she's really, really good at math--she's learning powers right now, something I didn't get until 6th grade, maybe 7th, but she's in 5th--what a brain she has!), and if not helping her on math, I know she has a spelling test tomorrow (another thing she's very good at--her first spelling test of the year she got an A on without studying--I think she missed one out of something like 20 words). Thanks again for checking on the b'day!

  6. geolarson2
    09-19-2008 03:48 PM
    Hola, Danielle--

    Find out what your family knows and I'll dig. You might also want to check out what I have at Roots already (its a portion of my master database) to see if any of the names you have are names I've already done some work on. No guarantees, but its rare that I either don't find a connection back to England for someone, or at least find kinships to others here in the US. Oh, and again to clarify, Gates, Hewlett, Packard & Berners-Lee are all related to each other. (Berner's Lee, though English, has Canadian and New England ancestors, too). Like I've said, what a big, wide, weird world! Slan--
  7. geolarson2
    09-19-2008 05:22 AM
    No worries--I'd be glad to help if I can. You can find some of my bona fides at these sites where I've helped others: http://www.wargs.com/other/felt.html, http://www.wargs.com/other/holloway.html, http://www.wargs.com/other/waterston.html, http://www.wargs.com/political/mccain.html, http://www.wargs.com/other/aniston.html, http://www.wargs.com/political/richardson.html, http://www.newenglandancestors.org/r...cles_gbr73.asp, http://www.newenglandancestors.org/r...cles_gbr83.asp, http://www.newenglandancestors.org/r...cles_gbr77.asp, http://www.newenglandancestors.org/r...cles_gbr78.asp, http://www.newenglandancestors.org/r...cles_gbr80.asp, http://www.countyhistorian.com/cecil...p/Jodie_Foster, http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb....08/peirsol.htm, http://blog.cleveland.com/pdopinion/...ts_and_ra.html. You can also take a look at what I have on my own ancestry here: http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-...on2&id=I194038. Think about it, discuss with your family, then let me know what you want done and I'll try to do some digging for you, and hopefully get something good. I do better with New England families, but I've worked on southern ones, too (I'm not sure which you might fall into--Cokie Roberts is from Louisiana but she's also descended from William Brewster of the Mayflower. I traced her descent and posted it to Caleb Johnson who runs a Mayflower website a few years ago). For that matter, I've done a fair bit of work on Quebecois families, both in Canada as well as in Louisiana (I helped out earlier this year with data I had on Alanis Morissette which was used to show her kinship to Hillary Clinton). I would suggest that anything you want to send me that is personal (names, birth dates/places of living people), you send via email rather than post, just for your own safety's sake. I'm safety conscious myself, and even though RootsWeb in theory is supposed to privatize data for living people, and even though I've set the benchmark for that at 1920 (even though the 1930 census is and has been out for a few years now), I privatize that data by hand, just to make absolutely sure that my Mom, my brother, sister-in-law, nieces, aunts, uncles, grandpa and so on are all protected. I'm not sure exactly how you do that, but I know Rob has (or had) my email address, so I assume you probably have access to it, too, just make sure you tell me who you are if you go that route because I got inundated a year ago with more emails than I could handle, and with my niece's taking up so much time I generally don't have time to answer every email and I wouldn't want to miss yours. I help those who I actually know nowadays. Its funny (I think) but I was able to trace my kinship to two old childhood friends, one of whom I still keep in touch with (and is now an attorney at a good firm in Phoenix), found that my brother's best man is kin, that his mother and two of my Mom's other friends are kin, found that one of my professor's is kin (he was also the chair of my thesis committee, but neither of us knew we were related until nearly 10 years since I'd last sat in a class and he'd been retired for a few years himself) and there's been a few other interesting connections I've come across since I started this in '92. Gotta go get some sleep now, though--I had my nieces today, had some light housework to do, and have to be up at 6:10 tomorrow morning to do the whole thing over again. The life of an uncle, and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world! Oh, heck, one last bit o' trivia: Bill Gates, Bill Hewlett, David Packard & Tim Berners-Lee (creator of the World Wide Web) are all kin. Cheers, Ms D.
  8. geolarson2
    09-19-2008 12:23 AM
    Just to clarify: when I said you get what you pay for, nothing, I meant that I do not and never have charged anyone to look up their family tree for them. I have helped a couple people trace their family trees and get into the General Society of Mayflower Descendants (I'm not a member--too pompous at times for me; I did submit records to them on my nieces' behalf, which were accepted, but then I changed my mind when they copped that silver spoon entitlement attitude--know how many folks are descended from the people who came over on the Mayflower? Thousands upon thousands, and some of black, some Indian, some Asian, some white, some rich, some poor and so on) and other groups like SAR & DAR, but what I usually provide is an outline that you, or anyone else, could use to request the official documents or allow you to follow the trail I find using the census, &c. That's what I meant to say.
  9. geolarson2
    09-18-2008 11:11 PM
    Hey there, Ms D.

    First, don't sell yourself short. I saw your messages an hour or so ago and thought you might like to know who else is related to royalty, specifically to Princess Diana. Now, most (I think all, really) of these people are also related to each other, as well as to me, through our New England ancestry (small geographically, big families that spent an awful lot of their time recording what went where--a benefit, I suppose, of a culture based on trade rather than focused on large-scale farming). Hugh Hefner is Di's 9th cousin; Juliette Frette (Miss June 2008) is Di's 11th cousin once removed (she's also a great-granddaughter of Grand Ol' Opry founder George Dewey Hay, which is interesting because Hay's ancestors came from New England, not the south; likewise, while Col. Sanders was born in Indiana, his family came from Vermont--no Kentucky connection); Kalin Olson (Miss August 1997) is a great-granddaughter of Calif. Gov. Culbert Olson, and she's an 11th cousin once removed of Di; Deborah Driggs (Miss March 1990) was Di's 10th cousin once removed; Bebe Buell (Liv Tyler's mom and relative of pin-up artist Al Buell--same family, different branches) was a 12th cousin of Di's; Marguerite Empey (who was a centerfold twice, once in May 1955 & again in February 1956) was a 10th cousin once removed of Di's; Alice Denham, who went on to teach creative writing at City College of New York and was Miss July 1956 was a 9th cousin once removed of Di's; Pat Sheehan, Big Crosby's former daughter-in-law and former step-mother of Denise Crosby, was also a 10th cousin once removed of Diana's; Joan Staley, Miss November 1958, was a 15th cousin once removed of Diana's; Stella Stevens, the actress, was Miss January 1960 and was a 13th cousin once removed of Di's; Kristi Cline (Miss September 1999) was a 13th cousin, 4x removed of Diana's; Yvette Vickers (Miss July 1959) was a 15th cousin 1x removed of Diana's and Marilyn Monroe, the first Playboy centerfold Sweetheart of the Mont for December 1953, the premier issue, was a 10th cousin 1x removed of Diana's, so all those centerfolds from that one magazine are kin to presumably a future King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland. Wanna know more? Got your interest? How about this--Jenna Jameson is a 17th cousin 5x removed of Diana's, and Brandi Love is a 14th cousin 3x removed of hers, too. More? Charis Wilson, a nude model who worked for and then married Edward Weston, was a 9th cousin 1x removed of Diana's; Audrey Munson, the first women to appear nude in film (during the era of silent movies) was a 12th cousin 3x removed of Diana's; and Faith Bacon, a Ziegfeld Follies dancer who influenced later exotic dancers (including Blaze Star) with her creation of the fan dance, was a 9th cousin 2x removed of Diana's. Faith is also from the same family as Kevin Bacon (different branches--they're 9th cousins once removed), her 2nd cousin 1x removed was Gen. George S. Patton, and her great-grandfather was Henry Douglas Bacon, an endower of what became the University of California, Berkeley. And again, the vast majority of all of these women is at some point in just the past 400-500 years a cousin of ever other woman in that list. You said your family has been in America since the 1600s--a good share of those early colonists had to have more than a couple pennies to scratch together to make the voyage (by comparison, it would cost Ugo less to immigrate today than it did for our ancestors then), or if they came over in the service of someone wealthier, chances were that with so few Europeans living here, they wound up marrying someone within just a few generations whose family came from one of those wealthier families, and that means that more often than not, somewhere back within another 300-400 years there was someone royal. In other words, I would not at all be surprised to find you're A) related at some point to royalty & B) that you are descended from royalty. Its really humbling, I think, when you consider that people back then were willing to risk everything to come here to create something completely new with precious little chance of being able to go back home, let alone the ability to just send a letter or two to family left in the Olde Country. Now, one last bit o' trivia for a gentlewoman who deserved a number of those little blue boxes filled with sparkly goodies: Richard Gere's middle name is Tiffany. Sounds, well, weird, except that Tiffany's his mother's maiden name. Just as Faith Bacon is related to Kevin, and Bebe Buell's related to Al, Richard is related to Louis Comfort Tiffany, the jeweler. And anyone who would judge you by how you look, what you do for a living or anything like that isn't worth your time, energy or anything else, crown or not. A person can be born with a silver spoon in his or her mouth and a crown upon their head, but nobility and dignity are something we all are entitled to and I believe deserve regardless of the rest. Besides, you have certain, um, attributes that are more than vaguely similar to those of Harry's girlfriend . If you really want someone to look into your family tree more, I'd be happy to, if its something you really want done. I'm more informal than a pro genealogist, but you also get what you pay for, which is nothing. And, for what its worth, I do have a cousin (we share Sherman ancestry--his line stayed in England, mine came to New England) who lives in England and who is a professional genealogist (retired though) who is also a member of the Society of Genealogists in London. If I have a simple question, he's usually good enough to answer it or take a look in the records the Society keeps to see if there's an answer there. So there you have it, Danielle. Lots of women in similar lines of work to you with royal connections of their own, so like I said at the beginning, don't sell yourself short. WhyYou's signature really says it the best though. Cheers, amiga!
  10. WhyYou
    09-18-2008 07:34 PM
    It's a great line that I think more people should take to heart.

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