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  1. Anoree
    05-29-2022 08:23 AM
    Sorry for the late reply. Life got in the way.

    The claim that FTV Page and Twitter account were controlled by FTV (sometimes even told "against her wishes") is as old as the scams with Danielle's photos and videos.
    While DanielleFTV has always been hosted (and in the first months edited) by FTV, Danielle had taken over all editing on her site quickly herself and up to this day. Her Twitter account has never left Danielle's hands.

    As Danielle doesn't offer video chats on daniellesstore.com (a self-built, self-controlled site run by Danielle herself) anymore, like she did in the past, I don't see a way to chat with her directly.

    I understand that that's not sufficient for you, but I can't help you any further. Sorry.
  2. Anoree
    05-14-2022 09:43 AM
    I've not been in direct contact with Danielle lately, but she did post on Twitter after your first attempt to contact me. She wouldn't have been able to do that if she had been abducted and held for ransom.

    I'm sorry, but you've been told some scary story by scammers. There are too many of them out there.
    At latest, the bitcoin account should have ringed every alarm bell you have. That's become the favorite way for the criminals to get money from their victims.

    If you have sent out any valuables, collect your evidence and file in that case of Internet Fraud at your local law enforcement agency.
  3. Syn
    05-12-2022 08:48 PM
    Mr Anoree I don’t mean to keep bothering you but I am very concerned I received yet another email they said this is no making matter I am very concerned any chance you got a hold of Danielle please contact me
  4. Syn
    05-12-2022 11:23 AM
    Do you think you can help relieve the stress I have over this matter I need to know if miss Danielle is safe anyway you can contact her to find out I am very very concerned I need to know or I will have to take this matter to the police I’d rather not if we can settle this without getting them involved and look like fools and cause concern for no reason but if this is real oh my god I can’t just do nothing so is there any way you can contact her to find out please let me know
  5. Syn
    05-11-2022 08:23 PM
    Don’t be wise I have had some personal issues myself taking care of my ill mother who is now in the hospital with possible lung cancer needs biopsy
    I am trying to reach out to miss Danielle in an attempt to see if she is alright
    I received 4 email so far that are very disturbing
    some guys had taken her and holding her in a warehouse for $100,000 ransom
    I didn’t know what to believe I have no way of contacting her too many fake accounts I am concerned so I reached out to you being her moderator maybe you can find her check on her not sure how close you are or if you can I can see she doesn’t really spend too much time here any more I needed to at least say something just in case it might be true I know she has had a lot of trouble with scammers and threats blackmail etc. many people angry and hold her accountable I can show you the emails if need be I haven’t gotten the police involved yet but it might be my next step if there is no resolution thx
  6. Anoree
    05-08-2022 12:26 AM
    I did send you a private message on May 4th, but didn't receive an answer.

    Edit: ... which you should have additionally received as an E-Mail. So, it's not me who isn't interested in communication.


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