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  1. mart
    06-11-2011 11:31 AM
    I'm only about 40 miles from London and about 330 miles from Edinburgh, it isn't the distance that i hate, it's the traffic. Driving any long distance in the UK is usually a nightmare, mainly because of congestion on most motorways and roadworks, there'll always be the lane you want that's been closed for one reason or another, so you usually end up being diverted or have to find another route to get to the turn-off you want, bloody nightmare lol. It'll take me about 8 hours roughly. I love driving, just hate the traffic and congestions that comes with it lol.

    Wish we had your highways rather than our little motorways, mainly because there is actually too much traffic and our roads can't always cope with high traffic, according to some UK road surveys.
  2. DWM222
    06-07-2011 03:02 AM
    Do you live a long distance from London? I must admit I don't know much about that part of the world, never having been there. Most of my info about England has been from my daughter, she went to school there for 3 or 4 months. And you haven't been to Scotland? I checked the map & it looks close..lol
    I only have 1 brother & I try to get out to see him at least 2 times a year..sometimes 3. I didn't travel hardly at all until about 5 years ago..found out if I stayed too busy, I would never do anything but work..& sleep. Besides..as I mentioned..you can make some might interesting friends out there in the world...or at least I have.
  3. mart
    05-30-2011 05:48 PM
    Yep your exactly right David, my saying is, "if you want it done right, do it yourself" lol.

    Well i don't have any immediate plans for this summer, i do plan on going to visit my sister in London, who i don't get to see very often. Mainly because we're both usually busy, haven't seen my sister for about a year.
    Then at some time, i hope to visit Edinburgh Scotland to stay with a few friends, never been to Scotland yet, believe it or not lol.
  4. DWM222
    05-29-2011 04:00 PM
    Hopefully you will have it all done soon so you can go have a pint & go golfing with your friends..lol..& sometimes when you hire contractors, you pay twice the price and wind up getting to fix what they did yourself anyway..You gonna do anything fun this summer?
  5. mart
    05-22-2011 06:58 PM
    Keeps me out of pubs!, how dare you to remind me!!! lol. Yep i do have a lot of old memories attached to this house. I'm fortunate that i'm quite a handyman around the house, because it would cost a fortune to get contractors in to do the maintainance for me, even if i could afford it, i'd still rather do the work myself. That way i'm 100% sure it's been done that way i want it done.
  6. DWM222
    05-18-2011 03:03 PM
    I would have to agree with you about the girls.
    Sounds like you have a house with many years of good memories that go along with it, so I understand wanting to stay...plus it gives you something to do (keeps you out of the pubs..lol)
  7. mart
    05-16-2011 06:44 PM
    Well if anyone mentions Alison or Lia, i'm there lol. To be honest it's only ever been Alison and Lia i've ever truely liked from all the other sites i've ever joined.

    Yep i'm nearly finished, just got a bit of tree lopping and decorating to finish off , then the house is good enough to sell, just kidding. Love my old house, it was my parents. It's quite a large house with 3 bedrooms and a very large garden and i can't see me leaving for a very long time yet, even with all the hard work it takes to keep it in shape.
  8. DWM222
    05-16-2011 12:33 AM
    I figured that last post might get your attention, but I wanted you to know about her graduation, since you have always been a big fan. I always enjoy our visits, and she is a lot of fun…makes me wish I was 30/40 years younger…J
    So…you about done with all the remodeling on your house? I’m still liking my apartment..don’t have to do anything..lol
  9. mart
    05-15-2011 05:51 PM
    There's me working hard with house maintainance and decorating, while your meeting gorgeous girls like Alison, damn i'm envious.
    Glad you had a great vacation, apart from the storm my friend. Also happy to hear the storm didn't do any damage where you are.

    Yep i thought Alison would look great in a cap & gown, so i guess it's well done Alison!. Well you don't need me tell you that all her fans including me wish her all the best in her new career. Guess that won't be a day you'll forget in a long time David, you lucky so-so l.
  10. DWM222
    05-09-2011 03:27 AM
    Hey Mart!..I made it back from vacation this week. Had a great time other than a severe storm down in Tennessee. We were lucky though; no damage right where I was, just had to spend a bit of time in the basement till it blew through.
    I also wanted to let you know that I stopped to have lunch with a young lady that just received her diploma from nursing school. She worked very hard for that accomplishment, and I’m proud of her, as are all of her family & friends. I got to see some of the pictures & video of the graduation walk and she sure looked great in her cap & gown, and a great big smile…& now Alison is officially a nurse…

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