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  1. RonTheLogician
    03-09-2017 07:27 AM
    If I may continue writing about sex museums: Today I got my first look at the famous one now closed in Berlin, shown in part of an online video documentary. Should you desire to do likewise, go to the YouTube video here, advance to the 34 minute, 22 second mark, and watch the following four minutes.

    If it isn't possible to re-open the museum, I hope its owners will consider trying to crowdfund an effort to make and freely distribute photos (including some VR-style 3D models using laser rangefinders) of at least some of the 500 exhibits once on display there. Hey guys, we live in the Internet age!
  2. RonTheLogician
    10-20-2016 05:35 AM
    Alas, today I learn from Wikipedia that the two German sex museums I cited in my VM to you the other week are not currently open. It seems the one in Hamburg is closed for good, and the one in Berlin is closed until it can find another home. (Would securing the exposition space business of the annual Berlin Porn Film Festival help it pay for the upkeep of such a new home?)

    In any case, Wikipedia provides articles on many other sex museums. Look for its sex museum category page here and its US sex museums category page here.

    I suppose of greatest potential interest to you might be the museum in nearby Las Vegas, whose Wikipedia article is here. I recall you recently made a trip to LV with your girlfriends, so the next time you go there you might add it to your itinerary. Who knows? You might find some way to commercially cooperate with it for mutual benefit!
  3. RonTheLogician
    10-13-2016 02:19 AM
    I read Anoree's enthusiastic post of 1 October concerning my Berlin Porn Film Festival attendance suggestion.

    Someone in Berlin on a sex business trip should also try making time to see the Beate Uhse Erotic Museum there, which claims to be the biggest in the world. There are four dozen interactive exhibits - including a life-size doll which will an produce an orgasm moan if one fingers its G-spot properly! I'm not sure about its photography policy, but many museums are getting more liberal in this area, given that most people now carry smart cellphones.

    There are another pair of significant sex museums less than 200 miles from Berlin as well, the Erotic Art Museum in Hamburg, and the Sex Machines Museum in Prague, with over 200 gadgets from various ages. The Czechs are the ultimate beer lovers and make excellent stuff, whose cheap prices often bring weekend tourists from western European lands. And if you do visit Prague, don't miss the pair of male robots outside the Franz Kafka museum, who piss water into a pool shaped like the Czech Republic. (For a fee, they even spell out phrases you text-message to them from anywhere in the world!) Clockwork robotics is a proud ancient tradition in the city, which boasts a world-famous animated ("astronomical") clock over six centuries old!
  4. RonTheLogician
    09-25-2016 07:31 PM
    Hey Dani,

    I just discovered a very interesting annual event called "The Berlin Porn Film Festival," the biggest such festival of "art house" porn in the world, with its 11th annual (5-day-long) edition being staged a month from now.

    I think it would be wonderful if you and Anoree might arrange to attend the festival together one of these years, given your friendship with him, your pleasant memories of Germany, and the wonderful, mind-expanding program they put on each year. Hell, you might even get some ideas for your own creations and write off the trip as a business expense, with your accountant's agreement.

    Given the short notice and the fact that you just took a week of vacation, one supposes this year is out, but that just means you guys would have over a year to prepare for attendance next year!

    Find the English version of their Website here and their Facebook page (entirely in English) here. (It seems that English and German are the official languages in use at the festival.)

    You can get an idea of what the previous (10th) edition was like last year via an Australian-made 11-minute English-language video mini-documentary here. The festival web site also has an archive of almost every previous year in convenient pdf-file form here.

    Do please consider attending this wonderful event. Unlike something like the AVN Expo, the emphasis is on artistry and not business, and I think you'd find attending a very spiritually fulfilling experience!
  5. RonTheLogician
    05-11-2014 05:00 AM
    If sarah comes back to visit, I suggested that she try to remanufacture her Large Hadron Collider near Geneva into a Large Hard-on Collider, such as illustrated here and also below. I thought that if you gave such a thing a ride, you might get an idea of what some of the ladies you've fisted - and even double-fisted - felt like! Ain't science a blast?

  6. RonTheLogician
    05-02-2014 12:40 AM

    Ever since you did your recent work with Danny, I've had misgivings about using the (now-confusing!) more familiar nickname Danny for you in place of Danielle! So why in the world did I start in the first place???

    Well, when I read your biography, and learned about how your Dad was sick and died when you were small, I recalled a 1985 movie titled Heaven Help Us. It is set in a time I was about your age when your Dad passed away - and I nearly also lost my Mom. (Maybe that coincidence is one good reason I am fond of you!)

    In the film, Mary Stuart Masterson portrays a courageous teenage girl named Danni (sic.), who, by herself, runs a soda shop near a Catholic boy's parochial high school. Her Dad is mentally ill, and his psychotic depression - born of abandonment by his wife - has turned him into a basket case. Even as Danni struggles to nurse her Dad, and support them with the soda shop (while taking no nonsense from any jackass customer!), the blue-nose attitude of the Catholic school faculty puts her business in peril, as these guys repeatedly raid her establishment, looking for their own delinquent students.

    So, with your kind acquiescence, I will henceforth continue to honor you with this flattering comparison of you and the Masterson character, but change the spelling I use from Danny to Dani. This will remove confusion with any male Danny, and even spare me typing the extra n used in the film, helping me to maintain the stamina I need for my very lengthy posts! And it's also darn close to Dany, the nickname of the Stormborn one! (Aside: When life pisses you off, remember the magic word: Dracarys!)

    Oh - I guess I've also found one new reason to keep using a familiar nickname - the quirky song snippet within the zip file here.

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