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Conversation Between JoeyFeet and danielle_ftv
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  1. danielle_ftv
    12-02-2008 08:58 PM
    Haha...that's great. I think that's the first compliment I've gotten on my "hairiness". I had a lot of fun with Lina and that was some pretty kinky stuff I did with her (the toe insertion.)
  2. JoeyFeet
    12-02-2008 12:46 PM
    Hey Sweetie,

    Luved the lina and luna sessions. The foot stuff was hot. You know how I luv your cute toes.

    Luna was very sexy, Just wish she had more orgasms. Seemed like it was all her boobs . And your first girl/girl on FTV, Smokin hot Danielle.

    Like you hairy as well. I`m more a shaved bald type guy, But the look is very sexy on you.

    Keep up the good work hun. Luv Ya Babe!!!!!!!!
  3. danielle_ftv
    10-09-2008 12:26 AM
    Good choice of pictures especially the Tara pics. I love Tara, she was so cool.
  4. JoeyFeet
    10-08-2008 03:53 PM
    Hey Pretty Lady,

    I made an album of sum of my fav pics of you on my page.

    Check them out when you have a chance hun.......

    Luv Ya Babe!!!
  5. danielle_ftv
    10-05-2008 05:19 AM
    I loved the Tara shoot. We had an awesome time together. That was by far one of my favorite assist shoots. And thanks for the compliment about my toes....that's probably the first time that I've ever gotten complimented on my toes.
  6. JoeyFeet
    10-04-2008 02:03 PM
    Hello danielle, I`m joey.......

    Hav been with FTV for almost 6 years now,

    Luv your shoots hun.

    Your super cute!!!!! My fav shoot is you with tara. You guys were really into each other.

    Would be awsome seeing a girl-girl shoot with you two together.

    Luv Ya danielle.......


    Luv your pretty toes as well.....

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