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  1. Syn
    05-03-2022 09:21 PM
    sorry to bother am concerned received disturbing emails man demanding ransom for your release. angry by u duping his brother in scam. believes youíre culprit stated he recognized you at port authority bus station NY Thurs. Apr. 28 took you holding you in warehouse said you gave my email and You are my girl wants me to send your money via your Coinbase acct. Iím to pay or youíll have bad ending. said you played innocent with stolen pic saga Iím concerned for our safety. Mind is boggled odds of this we donít even know each other we have become entangled please inform me you are fine Iíd be devastated if this true you got hurt and I did nothing. Crazy people out there donít mean to scare sorry for the troubles forgive me another **** thing to deal with I need to be sure please release my burden with a short quick reply I wonít bother you again if you like I can send his emails I pray you are fine Thx Cid

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