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09-27-2008, 03:29 PM
You probably asking yourself why I'm posting this. :)
Anyway I was driving by this local park on the way to do my laundry and spotted something funny and alittle strange.The past weeks whenever I drive past this park I would see construction workers clearing off a section of the park.At the beginning I thought ok they're making some improvements so the kids would enjoy the park more....WRONG.Turns out what they had done was setting off a section of the park for a Oil,gas rig.I'm guessing it most likely a gas rig cause there seems to be alot of them springing up in Central Texas.
The past few years it seems not uncommon to see these gas rigs popping up in strange places or in your own backyard.There had been times when I seen news reports about people who went out of thier way to live in a more open and quiet area on the edge of the big cities only to find themself next door neighbors to gas rigs....after they had the area just to themselfs for years.
That Texas for you...maybe not,don't know if thats a common sight in other state as well since energy companies are trying to find "cleaner" fuels to run our homes and business.

09-27-2008, 07:28 PM
I would be wondering how their getting away with digging up part of a public park Texasdrake?. There would be a public outcry if that happened in my area. It would have to go through so many councils. It could take years to happen and if it did. There would be public marches to stop it. Problably with chants like "Keep our county green". Never might about finding new resources.:)

09-27-2008, 09:57 PM
Well you be surprise how many things slip through the cracks.There are times when the public doesn't know whats going on till its too late.One thing some people may not know is when you buy some of your own land..it doesn't mean you "own" everything.Most likely you only own whats on top and not whats underneath,whats known as "Mineral rights".It cost more to own the minerals rights to your land.My best friend has 100 acres of land Between Dallas and Houston and when he brought that land the mineral rights were already own by someone or some company.They had already drilled the land that he owns years before he broguht it.So the chances of them coming back is pretty slim.The rancher who owns alot of land next to my friend and alot of land in the general area own his mineral rights and he sold leasing rights to an energy company.It goes without saying the rancher is making money from the leases.people who aren't lucky enough to own the mineral rights to thier land has no say so if an energy company want to drill under their land.Like in some cases around here they just set up next to the other person's land and drill at an angle under thier property.

09-28-2008, 09:09 AM
Sounds like sneaky land selling Texasdrake. I know the property market can be a minefield of all sorts of unknown pitfulls. Especially for first time buyers but for me that would be frightening not actually knowing the rights to my land and to what extent of ownership i'd have on the land. I remember when i bought my place. Which is a modest little place in Kent. It took me a year to find out where my boundaries to my garden were. Previous owners had removed most of the fencing. Why i don't know. Then i was told by an old farmer friend to dig down a couple of feet til i come across any old railway sleepers. Apparently they were used to mark off boundary limits in the old days and still stood in law. Well i couldn't find any along my guessed boundary line. So the farmer actually buried some old sleepers further out and we called out a land surveyor and he passed it. Even though they were further out than they really should have been. So i gained extra land. Sneaky i know but this farmer said it's the done thing round here. If in doubt mark it yourself within reason. Nice to have farmer friends lol.:)

09-28-2008, 03:20 PM
Well if you own a house in the big city then it most likely don't have alot of acreage.So there be no problem of Oil/Gas companies drilling there (LOL) But then again there is always the "Public Domain" law where I'm guessing does applies to every state.Land Surveying wasn't as accurate in the old days as it this these days and in some cases the land bountries moves or shift over time depending on how many times the land changes hands.If you can manage to find the original land surveying records bet in some cases you find out you have alittle more land then you thought. :)
Funny how some people in the old days mark off the land bountries.My firend who owns the 100 acres had a surveyer come out and mark off his property bountries so he can put up his fence.This old preacher who isn't so Preacher-like who owns a few acres tried shaving a few feet off my friend's land for himself.He tried telling my friend that this old metal corner post was the marker for the corner of his land (preacher).According to the land records it wasn't.
Anyway if you own or decided to buy some land and its more then just enough for a house and a small backyard then you better check carefully as to where your bountries are and what exactly you own.Most don't think about mineral rights..they think that they own everything above and below ground which they are wrong.So if you live in a area that is known to have oil or gas depots and don't want to end up sharing land or being very close neighbors to a Oil/Gas rig better check your land rights.

10-07-2008, 02:46 AM
I seem to recall a school down in SoCal that has a well on its property, and I knew of a couple people back in Colorado who had a rig in their backyard. What gets me is putting a well & rig, natural gas or oil, in a park. Put up a windmill instead, like T Boone says, or stick some solar panels up on the public buildings that face south. It may not be much if its just one, but we're talking quantity, and if some guy in Maine can wind up selling excess energy back to his utility company after putting panels up, how many houses & buildings face south out here in the west where we have more sun. Then again, last I heard the folks out on Martha's Vineyard were complaining about the proposal to put some off-shore windmills in the Sound (5 miles off-shore!), and folks down in Virginia City are complaining about the proposal to put windmills along the ridges down their way because it wouldn't look like it fit in a 19th Century gold town (uh huh, and the cars and paved streets fit that ambiance, yeah? Or the working mine?). What was my point? What was your point? Who were you calling? Don't call here again! :rolleyes: