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02-26-2009, 09:32 PM
I've been on this forum since it's inception. At first, I found a lot of new posts each time I logged on and clicked the link for unread messages.

Lately, it seems as if there has been a slow down in posts. Some of the most frequent posters haven't been posting much and I don't see too many new ones by people just coming to the site for the first time.

Is it just me or has things slowed down a bit - maybe a lot?

02-26-2009, 09:37 PM
i know for me lately life is getting in the way... in places i wish it wouldnt.

02-26-2009, 10:01 PM
Threads: 367, Posts: 8,262, Members: 752, Active Members: 238

These are the stats. Ugo has 860 posts and he and and a small number of others are responsible for most of the activity on the forums. I am only an occasional contributor myself with 20 posts but I have certainly noticed this slow down in posts recently. I think it's just the nature of things, when something is new people tend to use it more.

I would think that Danielle's site would not be easily found by a casual surfer for porn even if they found FTV. If there was a link to it on the FTV Tour page making it clear that the her forum is free we might get some new members.

02-26-2009, 10:41 PM
It fell flat on its face! I dont poast as much as i used to. I kinda have to watch what i say because of amanda and i. I dont want to upset her. Missy just dosent get on any more after some one made a smart *** coment to her in a pm. Im not going to repeat what they said but it was not nice. Maby whyyou could start a story thread and see if it will take off this time? Just a thought!

02-27-2009, 12:52 AM
It's like having all the relatives over for Thanksgiving dinner. At first everyone has a lot to say however after a few beers (drinks) and a big meal, life slows down.

02-27-2009, 01:50 AM
I know that when I 1st logged on here there was this neat little corps of folks (WhyYou, Ugo, Ryan, LeoRex, Tigger, laranger and a few others). Ryan, I think, was the first to disappear. I seem to recall he was having some difficulties at work, so maybe that had something to do with it. LeoRex disappeared at the end of 2008, although I've noticed he does get on at his MySpace account (my own MyS account gets precious little attention from me). Those spaces have been filled by a few others (i.e., Geezer, grande351, Anoree, et. al.), but the "feel" of the board did change. I don't get here as often as I once did. Life happens. In my case, I have family members who are moving, another who is retiring (sort of), and a couple others whose health has had me increasingly worried. For what its worth, I barely have time to do those other things I fill my days with, so its not just Ms D's site that I've been missing out on :o. I do know that there were times when folks got their feeling hurt or were offended (and I suspect some of my long dissertations didn't help--I tried to delete some once upon a time so as not to give further offense, but it was too late--of course there were some things written by others that bothered me, too). I did like the lightness of some threads, as well as the deep conversations some of us got into, but with my increased absences, I've found it hard to sort through all the threads, picking out what I read before from what's new and making sense of it all--makes my poor li'l brain hurt sometimes! But I've been around enough to have noticed the same thing those folks who posted before in this thread did. One thing I do want to make clear though is that while I was wary of this board to begin with, I came to thoroughly enjoy it, and now that I have less and less time to spend here, I find myself missing it and wondering how all of you have been. Cheers all!

02-27-2009, 02:45 AM
I miss Ryan and everyone else who "disappeared". I also feel the same way...that things seem to be slowing down a lot. Maybe because I'm not posting as much as I used to??? who knows. But for those of you who are posting and keeping this board alive...thank you.

02-27-2009, 02:59 AM
part has to do with everyone has gotten to know each other and there are less of those getting to know you questions/statements. when there is an interesting post, it seems that the is more activity but after that it kind of calms down.

02-27-2009, 03:18 AM
It does seem to me that the number of posts have gone down. I agree with the reasons already stated. Some of the "newness" has probably worn off and there is less to talk about. If I'm home, I try to check the forum at least twice a day. If I see something interesting or a question I can help with, I'll respond. The core group (you know who you are :)) seem to be the ones keeping things going. Thanks for that! There are a lot of new people who have signed up but never post.
I know life gets in the way sometimes and people have to move on, that's understandable, but this is still a great place and I'll try to do my part to help keep it that way

02-27-2009, 03:37 AM
I miss Ryan and everyone else who "disappeared". I also feel the same way...that things seem to be slowing down a lot. Maybe because I'm not posting as much as I used to??? who knows. But for those of you who are posting and keeping this board alive...thank you.

I think, no real interesting topic started for a long time. Another thing is no free sets and videos are updated now a days. I think that's why some ppl loose interest.

02-27-2009, 04:30 AM
Its funny, maybe, but I moved on to try and catch up with some other things since I last was on earlier this evening, but all the while my mind kept coming back here. Then I realized something. I go through cycles, in part at least governed by outside responsibilities/&c. and so where I once, when I had more free time, was logging on a good 2-3 times a day, now I'm more likely to find the time and peace to log on once ever 5-10 days. Now, when you consider how often I'm not on anymore (:(), you might find it interesting to note that when I do come back I'm more and more intimidated by the number of new members (although many, it seems, are a bit too shy to write something, or start a fresh thread) let alone the number of new posts that have accumulated since I was last on. So, if you're checking every day, maybe twice a day, it may not seem like there's much movement, but when you are away for an extended period of time, you do see that there is still a reasonable bit of activity, just that its scattered over more threads. Maybe its just a matter of perspective ...

02-27-2009, 11:09 AM
The phrase made by Laranger is the symbol of everyday our live.
Life is made up of excess and selfishness. In the end it collects to that which we have passed the previous day. If we are happy or unhappy.

Anyone can come to live among Computer and our live. Some are very lonely, and want to speak and hope to have fun with friends online members, or with our mistress Danielle. And Rob and Lia.

This site is very particular (I have my beautiful experience Alison's Chat).
Because there are 4 ways to spend time with Rob, Danielle, Lia and us friends members.
This is the great work done from WhyYou.
I think that the real thing that can push all of us in creating a lively pace is the lack of a brilliant expert in good words how WhyYou.
But he now has other commitments in the normal administration on this website.

I did a lot of posts from Games and Puzzles. Without these two, I would be much less.
I have not put so much to do to post. And many do not understand what I speak English.
In more, I became calm and simple. In respect of all and of Danielle.
From Alison's Chat was something else entirely. It's was only she, Alison. And many friends very capable of education and civil sense (like WhyYou).

And also to the difficult problems of my life. But everyone has their problems.
It sometimes I'm crisis from what to post on this site (like I said a sense of emptiness).

But I have lucky enough to have Mart, Tigger, Anoree and Danielle that do they have company me (And some other ).

But we have also understand that Danielle has her commitments difficult. It can not be every day with us members. They too have a life ( Danielle and others ). I always think what Alison said well, when she was always in difficult and then has left.

Danielle is doing really a incredible work to please all of us in (as the novelty of the webcam).

Rob is always busy with so many jobs and so many other girls of FTVGirls.

And even that Lia is already a great thing to be with us for Danielle's Chat.

I have many hobbies and thoughts to say and you talk with friends (as had happened to Alison's Chat). But I was afraid to overdo it and get it right, and not to ruin this new site for Danielle's Chat.

I see GeoLarson has posts threads for people who love to talk and exchange views and comments of a different theme.

But the new members want to talk and see only Danielle and Rob.
Why that is the issue that matters most to they.

That's why the site is slowing down.

And then, is a clean site. And for good friendship. It needs no advertising. It's enough of what is doing Danielle.
To become in the world porno can ruin the image of FTVGirls (and Danielle and Lia).

02-27-2009, 12:16 PM
The past two months I have been very busy with the course I was taking (Professional Writing, writing intensive course). I did well for that class. I should pass with at least a B, maybe an A. Plus there was my most recent computer crisis when my power supply died. That just caused me to have evn less time to get on here. Hopefully my next class won't be so terrible (it starts on Monday).

That being said, from my own experience with Alison's message board I learned that there will be times when posting will slow down. It's like chatting on the Internet, which I have been doing since 1994. People come and go, some stay longer than others. People that stay for a while usually have some need to be there to find friendship that's missing in their lives. Eventually they learn how to make friends easier and find new friends in the real world instead of in cyberspace. Or they meet someone in person that they first met online and find that a relationship develops. And what's been missing in their life is suddenly found so they no longer have the need to get online. But new people with the need will come along and replace them and so it goes on. That cycle is what will happen here although it won't exactly be the same reasons. Life will change and people will leave and others will take their place. Some people will stay forever (like me...lol).

Ok...I'll shut up now....lol! :)

02-27-2009, 12:26 PM
I think the slowdown has a mix of reasons.

First of all the numbers of posts depend on Danielle's presence and posts. When Danielle was in Texas in November the postings came nearly to a complete stop. Everyone was waiting for her return.
Now that Danielle is back in college she has less time at hand to post here as much as she did before, and that's only natural. We knew that would come and I think we ought to fill out where we can and support Danielle.

The second point may be the current economical situation I think we more or less all suffer from, and may have other thinks we've got to take care of first in the real life. (I don't want to turn this into a political discussion, though!)

The third point may indeed be that we reached a point where the "newness" has worn off and maybe we are at a little loss at what to post now. Here's the position where the new members should come up and bring in new ideas. (Yes, that's YOU I'm writing about. You're invited to participate. ;))

For myself, I'm stuck with a few projects at work that kind of suck up my time. I hope to be posting more (and do a few more photoshops) when these projects are finished.

As I said, I think the slowdown is due to a mixture of these and probably some more reasons. I do believe that we'll come over this shortage and post a bit more in the future. It may not come up to levels we had last year, but that'll be fine with me.

02-27-2009, 12:33 PM
The story is something like Alison's Chat.

You said well, Anoree.

02-27-2009, 03:19 PM
I have found that on two other message boards i am on that it is very cyclical. sometimes the posts are down and seem dead. then a bunch come in liven it up again.
sort of how life goes... you get stuck doing things... then you realize your gone and come back. I know for me... i do check here everyday... too bad i cant come in here while at work(actually probably good i would not get work done... looking at Danielle all day) I enjoy it and know that somedays it will be a bunch of posts and some days not.
Either way... i still love this place. And who could not love Danielle...she is beautifully amazing.

02-27-2009, 07:21 PM
I live alone and don't have a partner at the moment. So for me this forum as was Alison's in a nice place to check into and to have a bit of fun. When i go online usually in the evenings this is the first site i check. I've always noticed the posting is up or down but then i should imagine most forums would be similar. I really don't think less posting can always be because our hosts Danielle and Lia may be away or busy. I like think it's mainly because we're busy ourselves with other things. Personally it's the best thing i've done online, joining Alison's and Danielle's forums. I think you have to be a forum person meaning to enjoy posting most days. I'm sure there are those that join the forum then after a couple of weeks they possibly just lose interest and stop posting altogether. Leaving the rest of us wondering where they've gone. I remember on Alison's forum usually if someone was gonna quit the forum they would annouce it on a thread of it's own or posted in general chat. This forums still relatively new so i think we should give it a while yet before we worry about lack of posting. Besides i'm always here lol.:)

02-27-2009, 09:00 PM
Work has ben vary slow for me the past few weeks. I have gone from 2500-3000 miles a week to about 1200 a week. Most of it has to do with them cutting the suplys going overseas in half. And as most of you know amanda and i have become vary close. I try to log in every day. I have made a lot of friends on alisons and here, getting on here is a way for me to unwind at the end of the day. You were all fantastic when i wes in the wreck, all the e-mails and cards were great. And everyone was great with missy. She was vary suprised how nice everyone was. She cant get on with her gov. Computer it locks out adult sights so she uses mine to get on if she wants. I just have one thing i want to say. I know this is an adult sight but it makes me madd when some one gets on and treats danielle like trash, like she is a piece of meat. She is a vary kind, loving. Beautiful young lady she shairs her life with us and i love to read her jurnal updates. Lets treat her with respect. Most of the members do just that, but every once in a while there is one you just want to pore soap in there mouth. Ok im done.

02-28-2009, 02:56 AM
First, there was a lot of activity due to it being a new forum (I joined the party a little late) and everyone getting to know each other. then there was all the talk about updates, then the new site, then those updates, etc. now it fallen into a patern. there is usually buzz/posts whenever a something happens (updated, cam show, journal update, etc.) or if someone post an interesting question or post.