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02-25-2009, 08:34 AM
Do not post anything does not mean to forget you friends online.
I know that online friendship is something that serves everyone of us a member.
But my life is really like a crab ( I call it so ).
The work, my sisters and one grandson female have something to continue to do badly on me.
I live and I try to live my life everyday with the existence of a love that needs love and care: My mother.
I know that life goes on. And look for new ways. And see some truly human person.
But this type of crab was really incredible to ever hit me.
Every year that passes I see the Crab always bad and arrogant.
I always sweetness and happiness within me to others. I'm no different. But I am a real person from the real heart.
I wish that the others and sisters become more humble and sweet.
But in their drive to the fast life and arrogant, and without reason.
I think so.
Even I can make mistakes. But at least I good reason to understand the meaning of life.
I always thought to change this hell of Crab. How to go to another job in another city. Or try to get another house and see how I can do for my mother who needs a female assistant. Why do my sisters have a bad character. And my niece female became empty. And without meaning to live. He has almost 20 year-old.
But I do not want to speak ill of my nephew.
And in my work there always astuteness people to do what they want.
The environment is like a mafia that tries to attack the good people.
The crab continues to strike me. And I lose confidence and joy to continue to entertain you.
I have no idea what to do and say. Some fun on my English.
But this is not the disease of English. But that is cursed Crab that is always behind me.
I react. But I am alone. And very tired. But I see the sun that lights my heart. And said me : "Ugo, resist. And you will see that the crab can to surrender. "
And look at that one person helpless and immovable: my mother, who at least tries to smile. But most not speak. But it is something of the heart of my mother who can tell me: "resist and win against the crab."
I smile. And I have always loved everyone and smiling.
Also this time I wanted to discharge my sense of emptiness
WhyYou, you can close this thread (if you can). Why I do not want to bother to Danielle and Rob.
Thanks to who I listen to my discharge.:)

02-25-2009, 01:05 PM
Ugo, my friend!

You're not alone. You're doing an exhausting job, giving all your support and love to your mother, and she can do little to give you back some love.
Family can get cruel some times. That's expecially hard when you ought to depend on them for their support.

I've got an aunt, living in the US for I think 40, 50 years now. She is now starting to fight about the bequest of her parents with her brother. My grandmother died some 25 ago. My father, her second brother, who handled most of the legal stuff after my grandmothers death, is also dead a couple of years now, so he can't say what happened exactly.
I do think most of the bequest was used to pay the funeral and pay some of the medical bills that had piled up. I don't think there was much left.
Now my aunt says she was left out in the bequest, the land my uncle and his wive have now in Greece, must have been payed with the bequest, and wants some money of that. But they had that land way before my grandmother died.

You see, others have some cruel family, too. I hope your family sees one day what an effort you put into caring for your mother and come around finally.

02-25-2009, 05:09 PM
You are not alone ugo. We all have chalanges in our life. Its how you deal with them that makes you. It is not easy by no means. We are here for you.

02-25-2009, 06:51 PM
Ugo you know this is a good forum with good people and i'm sure i can speak for most people. That we've all made some good friends here i know i have and you have Ugo. I've known you for a couple of years now and your a good kind and honest man. You are truely my Italian friend and i'll always be here as an online supporting friend. Your never alone Ugo because you have many online friends here who care about you especially me.:);)

02-25-2009, 11:48 PM
This thread closed by request of ugo.

02-27-2009, 02:48 AM
Ugo sweetie...you know that everyone on this board is always here for you when you need us to be. Whenever you feel like you need to "get something off your chest" you always have me to come to. I love reading your posts, getting your P.M.'s and looking at your beautiful photoshop images. You make this board special and without you here it would definitely be a different place. Know that everyone here truly cares about you and considers you a friend.

That goes the same with anyone else on this forum.