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10-27-2008, 04:39 AM
With Halloween coming up, I'd thought I'd share with you guys and Danielle a poem I wrote some years back. Hope you like it

She walks the night; streets cold and black.
She has lost her way and cannot trace it back.
It's an unknown place to her; void of time and space.
A place of cold uncertainty, devoid of the human race.
She hears footsteps behind her, a stranger is at her back.
Should she turn around, or should she pick up the slack?
Out of fear and suspicion, she decides on the latter.
She was in desperate need to get home, she wasn't in the mood to chatter
Our heroine's pace quickened, so did the stranger's.
She senses the awful truth that she's in imminent danger.
With every step she goes, the stranger goes faster.
What person is this, she wonders, a freak of nature?
She turns a corner, and that corner will have to do.
She is stuck at a dead end, her days are seemingly through.
Scared to the core, she turns to meet her attacker.
He is a tall man, dressed in black attire.
She asks "What do you want?" He smiles in reply.
"My darling", he says, "to live and see you die.
I have lived through the ages, constantly hunting by night.
I sleep through the day, cursed by the light.
I'm the epitome of evil, through and through.
My victims are damsels just like you.
Don't worry my dear, your pain will come to an end.
Your dark angel has come, and to Heaven you'll ascend."
He comes to her, she is paralysed with fear.
Her last sight were his razor sharp teeth, cutting her life that was so dear.
He takes her life, as he has done many times before.
His existence has been filled with blood, lust, and gore.
No heavenly light will he find, nor death's sweet embrace.
Pity him not; he loves belonging to his race.
Vampire is he, who longs for everlasting life,
Who brings death to all in the shadows of the night

11-02-2008, 08:11 AM
Go Marc79 !!!!!!:)

"Do I wonder me who this beautiful woman is victim of the attempt of this man?" :p

Oh Marc79, has been fantastic to write a beautiful history devoted to mine great preferred of the cinema: Dracula!
But have you done him you?
Dracula is indeed a conflicting character in our imaginary universe between men and women.
Is full of merits and defects. The best character of the history of the cinema and the literature.
Who of you it loves some historical character?
If you love to debate.

Still compliments Marc79.

11-02-2008, 09:08 AM
"I imagine to be followed and touched with sweetness and look malicious and ambiguous from a beautiful and fascinating sexy vampire Woman. Who will be never this beautiful mysterious Woman? Dreaming a sweet Danielle,..... "