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10-21-2008, 05:53 PM
Some don't have a tv but most do. I probably watch too much but here's my list.

Sundays: Entourage-Horrible last season but still some good stuff

Mondays: Prison Break-DVR it and FFW alot cuz I want to see how it ends. The show is good, bad show.

I gave up on Heroes because the writing is awful and they seem to be clueless as to what a story is.

Tuesdays: House-He's the best.
Pushing Daisies-Funny, sweet, creepy all in one.

Wednesday: Bones-Great duo with Booth/Bones
The Shield-Best cop show ever

Thursday: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Friday/Sat: SNL There is about 1 good sketch a week. Bad, bad show.

Daily Show and Colbert Report I catch when something big happens. Most shows I don't even catch on the day. DVR/TiVo's are the best thing ever.

Point of the thread is to see if I'm missing out on a good show. Anyone have a strong feeling about a show I didn't list? Besides 30 Rock. And Lost doesn't count because it's not on till January. Always looking for something good and hate wasting time on a new show that sucks.

10-22-2008, 01:02 AM
Sat: Hockey Night in Canada, Playoff Baseball
Sun: NFL Football all day, Playoff Baseball, Family Guy
Mon: Monday Night Football, Hockey, Playoff Baseball
Tues: Hockey, Playoff Baseball
Wed: Hockey, Playoff Baseball
Thur: Hockey, Playoff Baseball
Fri: CFL Football, Playoff Baseball
Weeknights: Daily Show, Leno, Conan, the News

When I'm not watching sports, I'm watching SportsCentre. da-na-na...da-na-na
When I've had enough sports, I watch the discovery channel or the travel channel or animal planet.
When I've had enough of the crap on TV these days, I watch reruns of my favourite shows.
When I'm tired of my reruns, I watch porn...duh.

10-22-2008, 01:45 AM
62" Samsung Big screen TV with "Center Ice" (ty Directv) 7 days a week nothing but HOCKEY!!!

10-22-2008, 02:08 AM
As of right now:
Sunday: Family Guy
Monday: Heroes
Tuesday: maybe some House, then Fringe
Wednesday: my plan so far is to flip flop between watching Sons of Anarchy and South Park and catching the other show online the next day.
And I try to watch Jeopardy every weekday

10-22-2008, 03:17 AM
I get up to one of the cable news networks at 6AM, watch that most of the day, taking a break at 11AM to watch Lost on G4.

Mon nights its the Lost marathon on Sci-Fi (sometimes, if I missed something during the day).

Tues night its either something on PBS, National Geographic or Discovery (i.e., Deadliest Catch in the spring).

Wed night, its Bones (is it just me, or does anyone else see a resemblance btwn our dear hostess and Ms Deschanel?).

Thurs night is My Name is Earl, The Office & 30 Rock.

Fri night was Battlestar Galactica & Dr. Who. I watched Crusoe last Fri and liked it, so I'll probably watch it again this week (when I was in 4th grade, I read & re-read the book over and over again, I just couldn't get enough--and I loved the movie with Aidan Quinn, too, BTW)

Sat & Sun afternoon they show the remastered Star Trek which I usually watch (in btwn the news or a documentary--nothing gets btwn me & Bigfoot, dag nabbit!). Sun night its The Simpsons, King of the Hill, Family Guy & American Dad. Sun, either in the AM or PM repeat I try to watch The Naked Archaeologist on History International.

If I can't get to sleep or wake up at just the right time of the night, I watch Adult Swim on Cartoon Network ("Go Team Venture!"), especially Venture Bros., Metalocalypse, Robot Chicken & The Boondocks.