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09-30-2011 until 12-30-2020
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The Moderators and Administrators for this message board will not tolerate obscene or vulgar language, spamming, stalking (of ANY kind), or any degrading of other members as well as the hostess in any post. Advertizing anything except FTV related things will NOT be tolerated and will result in banning from this message board. All posts must keep to the topic of the thread that they are posted in. There are four different forums. This forum. Lia’s Lounge, is for threads that speak about Lia19, ask her questions, and anything else that relates to her web site. Do not start threads in this forum that do not fit within the description of this forum. Try to make your thread topic reflect what will be discussed in the thread.

Advertising is considered SPAM on this message board! If you choose to post advertising links on this message board you will immediately be banned and everything you post will be deleted. We have ZERO TOLERANCE when it comes to SPAMMERS.

Anyone who does not adhere to these guidelines will be contacted by private message and informed of their wrongdoing by a Moderator or Administrator. The first offense will result in a warning; the second will result in an infraction as well as a warning. Multiple infractions may result in temporary banning from the message board. Excessive offenses may result in possible banning from the website. Just be nice and respectful and we'll all get along well.
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