Rammstein, Germany
Landstuhl, Germany
Glendale, Arizona
Phoenix, Arizona
Paradise Valley, Arizona
Luke Air Force Base, Arizona
Tempe, Arizona
Queen Creek, Arizona

At the Phoenix Open - 2010

Snowboarding in Big Bear, CA
Scottsdale, Arizona
Island Park, Idaho
Detroit, Michigan
Peterborough, New Hampshire
Bossier City, Louisiana
Shreveport, Louisiana
Winona, Texas
Arlington, Texas

Cats: Salt and Pepper, Schnitzel, Oreo, Ms Brisby, Snowflake, Idaho, Bast and Isis*
Dogs: Shadow, Bauer, Kelly, Ferrero, Hannah, and Love Bug*
Guinea Pigs: Fifi and Bebe
Fish: Scarlet and others
Chinchillas: Bella, Thumper, Gratch, and Taquito
Gerbils: Bill and Ted
Parakeets: Cheese and Crackers
Chinese Dwarf hamsters: Huey, Dewey,and Louey
Black Bear hamster: Buddy Love
Hermit crab: Mrs. Daisy, Anthony, Cleopatra, Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles
Love Bird: Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum, and Tweedle Dum the Second
Ferrets: Bonnie and Clyde
* Currently own

My first time sky diving - 2011

My first time voting at the state election - 2007
Target Employee
Jamba Juice Employee
Medical Records Tech
Beginning Ballroom Dance Instructor
Black Angus Hostess
U-Haul Sales and Reservations Agent

At my graduation ceremony - 2005
Golf Club/team
Track and field

  Best Physical Feature: Eyes, lips and my hair (but only on good hair days)
Favorite Position: Missionary and lazy doggie
Favorite Adult Toy: Hitachi
Favorite Color: Black, purple and silver
Favorite Metal: Silver or platinum
Favorite Drink: Sweet iced tea or Coke (especially vanilla Coke)
Favorite Animal: Anything that can live in a house, is small and very cuddly
Favorite Holiday: Halloween
Favorite Music: Electronic music and modern rock
Favorite Movie Genre: Fantasy, sci-fi and horror
Favorite Clothing Stores: Guess, Windsor, Victoria's Secret and Amazon
Favorite Shoes Store: Sheik
Favorite Gems: Amythest, diamonds and mystic topaz
Favorite Time of Day: Evening
Favorite Cartoon: Sailor Moon
Favorite Candy: Ferrero Rocher and Sour Squeeze Pop Liquid Lollipop
Favorite Flavor: Sweet and/or sour
Favorite Food: Cheese
Favorite Type of Food: American and Fondue
Favorite Thing to Do: Read or sleep
Favorite Sport: Cheerleading
Favorite Flowers: Lilacs, lily of the valley, night blooming jasmine and roses
Favorite School Subject: English and history
Favorite Number: 3 and 6

Striking the serious pose

(Some of my many favorites)
Terry Goodkind
P.C. Cast
Laurell K Hamilton
Charlaine Harris
Tanith Lee
Andre Norton
Tamora Peirce
Patricia Cornwell
Piers Anthony
Phillipa Gregory
Richelle Mead
Rachel Aaron
Christine Feehan
Robert Jordan
George R.R. Martin
MaryJanice Davidson
Sara Douglass
Jaqueline Carey
Kevin Hearne
L.E. Waters

Jamaica - 2008

Renaissance Faire - 2007

Pushing Daisies
The Tudors
BattleStar Galactica
Tru Blood
Once Upon a Time
Orange is the New Black


Queen of the Damned
Sixteen Candles
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
The Labyrinth
Easy A
21 Jump Street

Anything that has to do with the paranormal
Organizing stuff
Driving around with the music blasting
Traveling (although not the actual flying or driving part)
Talking to my fans
Making lists
Horse back riding (though I don't do it very often)
Spoiling my friends, family and pets
Online shopping
Watching funny pranks on Youtube

All ready for a Mardi Gras party - 2011
Shopping for adult toys (I've spent A LOT of money on this)
House pets (dogs, cats, chinchillas, etc)
Finding really cool dubstep and/or trance music
Lighting storms (I don't like being startled awake by thunder though)
Being voted number one or having a fan write a super nice comment about me
Sweet stuff
Trying to fix things
Rainy days with nothing to do
Collecting things
Surfing the web
Hanging out with my family
Creating new things
Day dreaming
Listening to the same songs repeatedly
Marathons of my favorite shows
Looking at my photos
Playing or cuddling with Love Bug and Isis

My nephew and I - 2010

My second car, a Chevy Cobalt - 2007
I've been on a chess team and in a journalism club.

For about 4 months when I was sixteen I had my own apartment, was going to school full time and had a part time job.

I'm a huge World of Warcraft junkie. I had two characters, a level 27 Human warlock and a level 8 Blood Elf Rogue. The idiot people at Blizzard
deleted my original account though. Now I have one low level character (Human warlock of course).

Halloween - 2005
Being bitten
Hair pulling
A little scratching
Ears nibbled and licked

  • I've had my arm and nose broken. My arm was broken on Christmas day when I was younger, while rollerblading. I had to have surgery to fix it
  • My past dream careers have been: a model, an actress, a writer, a case officer for the CIA, a Stealth fighter pilot, a restaurant owner, a night club owner, a parapsychologist, and a metaphysical book store owner
  • My family history can be traced all the way back to the early 1600's. We were one of the first families to settle in America; my family originates from England
  • I've had many piercings which has included my nose, labret, belly button, and the purlicue (the webbing between fore-finger and thumb), now I have my ears and nose pierced
  • I had two tattoos, one of an ankh and a simple vine design and the Gemini symbol with wings connected to it. They were completely removed in 2016
  • My original hair color is dark blonde but I've died it many different colors including black, magenta, bleach blonde, blue and red
  • I drive/own a 2013 BMW 328i that is fully loaded (sports package, tech package, etc.)
  • Foods I Dislike: Milk (I'm fairly positive that I am lactose intolerant), rare meat, and most fish
  • Music I Dislike: Hardcore gangster rap and most country
  • Things I Hate to do: Get my blood drawn, putting the pillows in the pillowcases, go to the airport, fly, tell waiters that they gave me the wrong thing or they forgot something, drive in the rain and moving